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How Much Does It Cost To Clean Window Treatments?

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Window treatments, more than any other textile in your home, can get dirty very easily. Even with sealed and well-insulated windows, dirt and dust will still get blown in, causing dirt buildup on your window treatments.


Depending on what material your window treatments are made of, the cost of cleaning can vary. For example, metal mini-blinds can be taken off their brackets and power washed or soaked to take off the dirt and grime. Silk roman shades will need to be removed from the window and dry cleaned by a professional that specializes in upholstery fabrics and window coverings.
Non-fabric window coverings like plastic shades can usually be soaked or washed clean with hot water and bleach.
Fabric window treatments that are not shape-specific, like simple rectangular tabbed panels, can be machine washed. You may prefer dry cleaning and pressing to keep them from shrinking or getting wrinkles that cannot be removed though.

Cleaning companies

There are cleaning companies that will clean some window treatments in place. Just as companies can come to your home to clean your carpets, rugs and upholstery, many of these companies will clean your window coverings at the same time. You may be able to get a better price for cleaning your window treatments if you have many upholstered items or rugs in your home cleaned at the same time.


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Douglas Divine More than 1 year ago
The blinds are horizontal 2 inch wide wooden blinds
Crystal Saunders More than 1 year ago
The average cost to clean these seven blinds is way too much for our budget. We will try to do it ourselves.
Loree Ginsberg More than 1 year ago
The shades are sheer fabric and horizontal blinds in back.

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