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How Much Does An Infinity Pool Cost?

Typical Range: $55,000 - $130,000

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Infinity Pool Costs

If you're ready to take the plunge and put in a pool, the most luxurious option is surely one with an infinity edge. The average cost is $79,000 with an average range from $55,000 to $130,000. The base cost per square foot is about $80.

average csot to install an infinity pool is $79,000 or $55,000 to $130,000.

These pools - also known as negative edge, vanishing edge or disappearing edge - are built to look boundless. Most owners want the edge to blend with the horizon, so having a good view helps. Water that spills over the edge goes into a catch basin and gets pumped back into the pool.

Installing one of these isn't like putting in your average inground pool. Homeowners who prefer to go the DIY route should strongly consider hiring a professional for this project due to the structural needs for the foundation and the mechanical factors of the catch basin and pumps.

Average Cost of a Residential Infinity Pool

Average Cost$79,000
High Cost$130,000
Low Cost$55,000

Cost to Build an Infinity Edge Swimming Pool

In general, figure a base price of $80 per square foot. One factor that can impact initial budgets is the site where you plan to build. Because at least one of the walls is level with the water instead of above it, the easiest site to build on is land with a gentle slope. If the area is steep or flat, extra engineering work may be needed.

Average Construction Prices

The average pool install costs about $30,000 with the average homeowner spending between $16,500 and $50,000. That includes above-ground and inground styles. The national average price of installing an inground is $49,000 with a typical range of $36,000 to $64,000. One with an infinity edge carries an average price tag of $79,000.


In deciding how much you want to spend, you'll first need to consider how much pool you want and have space for. As the size increases, so do the prices, and it's not just the install that will run your budget higher. Cost to maintain a pool is more expensive for larger pools and taking care of an infinity pool is almost like taking care of two. In addition to caring for the area you actually swim in, you'll also have to care for the catch basin below.

Landscape Conditions

The conditions of your landscape can impact not just the budget but how much pre-planning and excavating, or removing large amounts of soil and buried debris, will be necessary in preparation for installation.

The national average cost of excavating land is about $3,500 with a typical range of $1,450 to $5,250. Grading, or leveling the ground, may also be necessary if the area has a slope.

While needing one of these processes done doesn't mean you'll always need the other, it's likely that some amount of precise grading will be necessary in putting in a new pool, especially this kind.

Clearing Land

Clearing and preparing land costs an average of $1.30 to $2 per square foot. What's beneath the ground may also affect the total price. Excavating loose soil with little to no landscaping or rocks will be cheaper than if workers must blast through clay-like soil or a layer of rock.

If you've got trees, bushes or areas that are heavily wooded, expect to incur some extra expenses there. Homeowners spend an average of $750 to remove a single tree, but that may vary based on the tree's location, size, diameter and condition.

Other Landscaping Costs

Additional factors that can affect the price of excavating and grading include: proximity of utilities, date of last land survey, Home Owner Association (HOA) fees and restrictions, and city permits and restrictions. These vary depending HOA terms and locality. City regulations like these are usually posted online, so check local sites for more details.

Fiberglass vs. Custom Tile Infinity Pool Costs

Fiberglass types come as a pre-formed shell. The shell sits on about two inches of clean gravel in the ground. The average cost of a fiberglass pool is $30,000 with a range of $20,500 to $38,500.

Fiberglass Infinity Pool Pros & Cons
Can be customized as much as one made of concreteCannot alter shape and size
Available in a variety of color finishesExtra costs: shipping of the shell, excavation, filter pump, backfill and filling the pool

Tile Infinity Pros & Cons
Available in multiple types: glass, porcelain or mosaicCan chip or come apart if installed improperly
Ceramic tile is an option if it's impermeable.If ceramic tile is used and has any cracks in it, water will penetrate the tile body
Lots of options with color, pattern and shapeIf not properly grouted, water can get into the gaps and the tile will eventually pop
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Installing with Existing Patio

If you already have a patio, you may need to take apart some of the existing structure. The average price of building a swimming pool enclosure is $10,250. Repairing an enclosure costs about $900.

Infinity Immersion Lap Pools

If you want something built for exercise but would still like the look of luxury, consider combining the two. Be prepared for an increased total budget. The ideal lap pool is long and narrow, so if the infinity edge is on the long side, expect to pay more.

Adding Glass Walls

If you're looking for an even more seamless appearance with the view, consider glass or acrylic for the wall with the infinity edge. The total price with one of these features is about $100,000. Putting in a window 3-foot by 5-foot window would run you about $16,500.

Indoor Vanishing Edge Pool Installation

Putting one indoors requires something one located outside doesn't: a dehumidification system. These can run you about $25,000, but they're necessary to protect the surrounding structure from moisture damage. A homeowner can expect to spend about $112,000 to put this style of pool indoors. That includes the installation, an enclosure and a dehumidification system.

Endless Pool vs. Infinity Pool

These styles are not one and the same. Endless Pools is a brand that makes small structures with a current-producing machine that allows a person to continuously swim in place. Think of it as the water version of a treadmill.

If you mostly want something for exercise and not a place to relax with a view, an Endless Pool is going to be the more economical choice. The brand has models starting at about $24,000. One with a vanishing edge is about two to three times that amount.

Hidden, Disappearing Pools

If you're short on space and just want something small to cool off in, consider a swimming space that's hidden. The base can be raised or lowered to change the depth or hide it altogether. These can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $65,000 depending on where it's set.

Let a Local Pool Installer Do the Job

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional Construction

Whenever going the DIY route instead of hiring a professional pool installer, there are going to be pros and cons. If you do it yourself, you can save on the labor costs. You'll also probably learn a lot during the process.

Constructing an infinity pool isn't exactly like putting in a regular one. The differences may be reason enough to hire a pro. The build site alone can have a major impact on the process of putting it in. The site may require excavation and/or grading. Even if you know how to operate the equipment to perform those tasks, you'll likely need to rent a bulldozer. You'll also need to properly install the system that pumps water from the catch basin back into the pool.


What's the estimated price of building a small negative edge pool?

The estimated price of building a small pool with a negative edge is less than $30,000. The smaller it is, the less expensive it will be. An average small one is about 10X20 feet and about 5 ½ feet deep. The base price is about $10,000. The average install costs about $22,660 and having an infinity edge on one wall usually adds about 20 percent.

Can you make an above-ground zero edge pool?

While most zero-edge pools are inground, you can make one above ground. The edges are flush with the surrounding deck. Strategically placed drains capture water that spills over. To install one of these, raise everything around it.

The average price of installing an above-ground pool is $2,650, but they can run a homeowner as much as $4,500 or more on the high end.

Can you install an infinity edge to an existing, regular swimming pool?

An infinity edge can be installed on an existing, regular one if the conditions are right. The site of the existing one and slope of the land will have a big impact on whether it's possible.

What does an infinity pool cost vs. a regular one?

Infinity pools cost about $30,000 more for multiple reasons. They have a system that pumps water from the catch basin back into the main body of water. This basin, pump system and labor to install and assemble it all correctly are part of the reason why this luxury style is about 62% more than a regular one.

How much does it cost to operate or maintain a vanishing edge pool?

A vanishing edge is going to cost more in the long run because it requires all the maintenance of a regular one and then some. The catch basin needs its own upkeep and should be treated like a second pool. Homeowners spend about $180 per week to maintain one. DIY maintenance requires the following:

Cost to Maintain Infinity Pool
ItemAverage Cost
Monthly Electric Bill$50 (for two-speed and variable speed pump/filter systems) or $150 (for one-speed pump)
Pump Replacement$150-$800
Motor Replacement$25-$200
Chlorine$8 for two gallons or $80 for 25 pounds of tablets
Muriatic Acid$8 per gallon
Soda Ash$8 for six pounds
Solution Test Kit$15
Vacuum$20 for manual or $200 - $600 for robotic/automatic
Filters$13 for basic two-pack of 4.25-inch cartridges or $75 for high-end single 10-inch cartridge
Sand (for filters)$12 for 50-pound bag or $20 for 25-pound bag of diatomaceous earth

In addition to regular maintenance costs, consider a pool cover to protect it from the elements while decreasing the need for such frequent cleaning and repairs.

Cost of Pool Covers
Type of CoverAverage Cost
Liquid Pool Cover$32 for 32-ounce bottle
Winter Pool Cover$30 - $350
Solar Cover$30 - $150
Safety/Security Cover$400 - $2,000
Automatic Pool Covers$1,000 - $10,000

If you don't want DIY maintenance, hiring a professional to clean your pool runs about $75 to $100 per hour. Ask your maintenance service if they include these materials as part of their quote or for an added fee.

If the pump is the problem, consider replacing the whole thing if the motor replacement is more than 75% of the entire cost of getting a new pump.

How does an infinity pool work?

An infinity pool works by the illusion it creates. One or more of its walls stops at the water level and slopes down. Water that spills over the edge goes into a catch basin below. A pump system sends that water back into the main body. The illusion created is the appearance of endlessness. Because it should appear to blend with what lies beyond it, a beautiful view helps.

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