Restaurant Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services Near You

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning In Your Area

Kitchen hood cleaning can be done both in the home and in commercial settings. However, it is most commonly required in restaurants where constant exposure to cooking vapors, smoke, and splashing grease and sauces can leave a layer of grime that can cause the business to fail inspections. Many insurance companies and fire marshals also require regular exhaust hood cleaning in commercial kitchens.

Cleaning the hood is also important to keep it functioning properly. The hood contains a fan which blows away steam and smoke so it doesn't accumulate in the kitchen or in the dining area. Grease and other buildup can cause the fan to fail.

Kitchen hood cleaning is a job best left to the pros. Professional services don't just use rags, soap, and water. They have specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to remove all of the buildup. They are also educated on fire awareness and hazardous materials as well as local code which is all important to helping you pass your next health inspection.

If it's time for your kitchen to have a deep clean, consider hiring a restaurant hood cleaning service near you. Enter your zip code and HomeAdvisor will connect you with local companies.

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