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How Much Does It Cost To Repair Hail, Wind, Or Storm Damage?

Typical Range: $2,468 - $16,251

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Hail and Storm Damage Repair Costs

Homes are built to protect you, your family, and themselves from harm caused by the elements, but every time your home weathers a bad storm certain fixes will need to be made. After withstanding the force of a storm, the average cost of repairs is $9,329, and can vary between $2,468 and $16,251 depending on the true extent of the damage.

When your home's been hit, the last thing you want to do is cross your damaged roof for DIY repairs. Instead, make sure to call a skilled professional who can provide the correct documentation for your insurance and quickly get your home back in good, safe condition.

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National Average $9,329
Typical Range $2,468 - $16,251
Low End - High End $350 - $45,500

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the average cost to repair storm damage is $8,200 or $350 to $36,000

No matter where you live, there are a large number of storm types capable of significantly damaging your home. Tornado force or strong gusts of winds can rip up roof shingles. Rain or floodwater can seep into cracks in your roof or weather proofing to cause rot or mold. Hail can puncture or break almost anything it hits. Even simple cold weather can harm your pipes.

Whatever your home endures, it is important to check for damage afterward and be prepared for repairs.

Storm Damage Roof Repair Cost

Roof damage can result in more than just a few missing shingles as any compromise may lead to destructed ceilings, gutters, and fixtures. The average is about $700, including the individual costs of roof fixture repairs.
Damage caused by storms is no minor matter, even if you have not detected a problem yet. Assessing it should be done by a qualified licensed professional, as should any necessary repairs. It is especially important that you not try any DIY solutions if there's a chance of structural damage.

Asphalt Shingles

A full asphalt shingle roof replacement is priced anywhere from $1,700 to $8,400. Wind can pry them up and heavy hail can break them in half. Even if they do not appear harmed from a distance, if the surface is marred then their ability to resist both sunlight and moisture are compromised. New shingles will run you between $1 and $5 per square foot.
The most popular roofing type, asphalt shingles are nailed down and stick together to form a waterproof top for your home. The cost of repairs will depend on the type of asphalt shingle your roof was initially covered with and how extensive the damage is.


Repairing metal roofing costs an average of about $300. Using solid and interlocking sheets of metal as does save you the trouble of replacing shingles, but it is just as vulnerable to impacts like hail or tree branches. Most metal roofs suffer from dents but large or deep dents can lead to puncture, leaking, and further damage inside the home. Even extreme vibration caused by wind or hail can shake loose features.


Fixing a tile roof costs about $700 to $800 per square, though that number can quickly increase for larger homes or severe damage.
These roofs are costly, heavy, and quite durable. Tile is resistant to storm damage but, unfortunately, is also brittle. Should they sustain enough impact through hail or debris to be destructed, you will need someone both skilled in repairs and experienced to fix it as uncareful work could result in more broken tiles than necessary.
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Siding Repair & Replacement Prices

The average cost of siding repairs is about $600. Labor averages between $40 and $50 per hour.
In a normal, vertical downpour the siding of your home would be well-protected by the roof overhang and gutters. However, there are several circumstances in which your siding can take damage in a storm. Rain, sleet, or hail blown sideways into the side of the house can happen along with clogged or malfunctioning gutters. Don't forget to have your siding checked after each storm.

Wood Siding

Budget about $9 per square foot with labor at about $35 an hour.
Wood siding is common and attractive, but it is also the most vulnerable to water damage. When left uninspected, it can hold unseen rot and eventually compromise the structure of your home. You will also want to keep its paint and caulking up-to-date to keep it safe.

Aluminum and Metal Siding

Aluminum siding costs about $3 to $6 per square foot to replace. Repair costs will depend on the extent of the damage, but typically range between $300 and $1,000. Expect to pay on the higher end of that range as fixing metal is generally more expensive than cement fiber or vinyl.
Siding done in metal is low maintenance and does not risk the kind of compromises you see with wood, but a storm can cause significant, even extensive, denting. If you are in your home during the storm, you may also notice that aluminum or metal siding tends to be a bit noisier in response to wind and flying debris.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding costs about $2 to $12 per square foot.
Vinyl siding is practical, attractive and lightweight. More resistant to the elements and insect-life than wood siding, it also doesn't suffer the denting of metal siding and is simple to clean. For these reasons, vinyl siding is notably storm resistant and relatively easy to replace, but difficult to fix. It may be difficult to find an exact color match, so replacement is often preferred.

Cement Fiber

Cement fiber siding costs an additional 5% - 14% in materials so any repairs that do become necessary may also be more expensive. This can come out to about $150 per 100 square feet and $300 to $850 for labor.
For your siding solutions, your home builder or last renovations may have 'gone green' with recycled and very sturdy cement fiber siding. It is the latest development in residential siding and is incredibly practical.
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Deck or Porch Repair

Labor rates for deck fixes are anywhere between $100 and $500 depending on the time it takes to finish the work. The average cost of deck repair is $1,500.
If your deck or porch appears to have taken storm damage, proceed very carefully. Use another door if possible and avoid walking on or under the structure until a professional can be called in for an inspection. The last thing you want is for a porch to collapse while someone is standing on it.

Wood Deck

A cedar deck will run you between $5 and $15 per square foot while high-end hardwoods can get upwards of $40 to $80 per square foot. Anchoring stairs requires a few hundred dollars all on its own. If you find yourself in need of an entirely new deck, the average national cost is $7,000.
Repairing a wooden deck often requires replacing screws, damaged deck boards, anchoring stairs, and labor. Nails only cost a few cents each, but deck boards will make up the majority of the material budget.

Composite Deck

If the surface of the boards is plastic, you can find spot treatments or seal between $5 and $30. More intense damage may require replacement. Buying new composite deck board will run you anywhere between $20 and $50 per square foot.
Composite decks are made of boards that are plastic or wood mixed with plastic. For repair, it's important to know what type of composite material your deck is made of. Minor dings and scrapes may not need to be serviced if the boards are a wood blend because the damage may blend in as the boards age.

Concrete Patio or Porch

Not everyone has a raised wooden or composite deck. If your yard contains a concrete patio or porch, this too can be destructed in a storm. Patio repair costs range from $300 to $3,800. Naturally, the severity of the harm will influence the project budget.

Other Storm Repair Costs

Because storms are so massive and affect the entire landscape around your home, there are many kinds of peripheral damage that you should be prepared for. Here are a few examples of additional prices associated with repairs.

Common Types of Storm Damage

Hail, tornados and hurricanes are common types of storm damage

Hail, Ice, and Snow

Winter storms are dangerous for a number of reasons, not least of which is power outages that can cause the house to stop using any electric-powered heating. Hail, for instance, is made up of heavy balls and chunks of ice formed in the upper atmosphere and blown by the wind. When they fall on your house, they sometimes do so with force great enough to crack roof shingles and break windows.
Snow, soft and harmless as it may seem, becomes incredibly heavy when stacked and can potentially cause structural damage with its own weight. Even the cold itself can freeze and burst your pipes.

Tornado and Winds

Tornados are made of wind but the damage they can do is astounding. These twisters are incredibly variable, sometimes highly visible and destructive and other times barely existent as more than a swirl of wind. However, if a tornado hits your home you may have a lot of repairs and cleaning up to do afterward.
Because of the way tornados forms, they are often accompanied by flying chunks of hail along with both light and heavy debris they pick up. With or without flying projectiles, tornadoes can rip off roof shingles, shatter windows, and drop large tree branches, or even whole trees, onto your home.

Hurricanes, Tropical, and Thunderstorms

Your house was built to resist normal amounts of rain and moisture, but any storm that involves an unusually large quantity of rain can put a home at risk. Heavy rains can damage not only your roof but also your foundation and any belongings left outside or in a water-exposed area. Clogged or destructed gutters can fill up and break off or fail to protect less water-resistant parts of the house while high winds and flooding can potentially damage your utilities.
Hurricanes, tropical storms, and thunder are similar in that all three can involve high winds and intense rain, so after withstanding any of these your home should be checked thoroughly for both wind and water harm.
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Worried about repair costs? The right kind of home insurance should cover all or most of any damage caused by storms. Weather based damage is included in most home owner insurance packages because it is one of the top causes of destruction to a house and cannot be avoided by the owners. However, you will want to double-check your insurance policy and be certain to properly document and report home issues so that repairs can be covered. You may want to check with your hired professionals to ensure that they offer insurance claims management as part of their service.
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