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How Much Does It Cost To Refinish Ceramic Tile?

Typical Range: $150 - $2,000

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If the tile in your kitchen or bathroom appears dull, worn or in need of an update, restoration is a practical improvement option. Not only does it save money, but refinishing is also environmentally friendly and quicker than replacement -- and it produces beautiful results.

Refinishing (or reglazing) is a process that repairs cracked, worn or dull surfaces with specialized equipment and finishes. It is more affordable than replacement, costing on average $1,075 versus anywhere between $850-$3,000 to install new materials. The cost to remove tile also adds to the overall price of a full replacement. Refinishing is long-lasting and fast solution to restoring the look of your tile.

Refinishing is popular among homeowners because it offers two significant benefits:

  1. It saves money: Refinishing salvages your existing tile, greatly reducing the cost of materials.
  2. It saves time: Refinishing can take just a few hours, even in cases involving color change.

Restoring and refinishing allows you to spruce up your existing tile -- and even your bathtub and kitchen counters -- while preventing the mess that comes with tearing it out. It also eradicates the appearance of dirt and grime and allows for the renewal of grout lines. When you hire a professional to perform your restoration and refinishing project, you'll ensure perfectly matched color, expert repair of cracks and breaks, and tile that looks like new.

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The Refinishing Process

A pro will take the following steps to refinish your tile and make it look like new:

  • Clean tile to remove all residue -- including soap film, oils, grease and dirt.
  • Etch tile to ensure that the refinishing solution adheres properly.
  • Fill cracks and chips in tile.
  • Recoat grout.
  • Repair any missing or damaged caulking in cases of bathtub tile refinishing.
  • Apply refinishing product, primer and enamel.
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Associated Costs

The average cost of tile refinishing and resurfacing is dependent on a number of factors -- including the location of the project, the experience of the professional, and the amount and condition of the tile in need of refinishing. Typically, contractors will charge a square foot rate. This will range between $4 per square foot and $10 per square foot. A contractor may charge an increased fee for smaller, hard-to-reach areas. Be sure to get rates from several contractors before you start your project, and also be sure to thoroughly explain your objectives to ensure that you're given accurate quotes.

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Additional Considerations

When having your tile floors refinished, consider whether it may also be a good time to have your kitchen countertops resurfaced or your bathtub reglazed. Replacing all of the broken edges and dull surfaces in a room gives it a brand new look in a short amount of time. And it's a process that can be performed in other areas of your home as well. As with all projects, it's sensible to combine efforts to limit the amount of time your space will be disrupted.

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