How Much Do Babyproofing Services Cost?

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$181 - $618

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Updated November 14, 2022

Written by HomeAdvisor.

Babyproofing service costs can range between $181 and $618, with an average cost of $392. If you add smart home features or a fence for your swimming pool, prices can reach as high as $10,000. The total cost will depend on what devices you want, whether you do it yourself, and how large your home is. Before your baby arrives, we recommend finding a childproofing service near you so you know all the costs involved. 

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National Average $392
Typical Range $181 - $618
Low End - High End $60 - $1,000

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 317 HomeAdvisor members.

Childproof Device Installation Cost by Location

Your childproofing costs will largely depend on the location and how many devices you want to install per room. The main areas of concern are the bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, swimming pool, and stairs since these spaces are used most frequently and pose the most danger to babies and toddlers.

Home Location to Childproof Average Cost
Bedroom $150 – $250
Kitchen $200 – $300
Bathroom $150
Swimming pool $1,500 – $20,000
Stairs $100

Childproofing a Bedroom

The average childproofing installation cost for bedrooms ranges from $150 to $250. Whether you’re childproofing your baby’s bedroom or all the bedrooms in your home, you’ll need various devices. You should plan on purchasing the following:

  • Outlet plugs

  • Outlet covers

  • Furniture anchors

  • Door locks

  • Drawer locks

  • Corner guards

  • Window guards

  • Cord wraps

Childproofing a Kitchen

You can expect babyproofing service costs for the kitchen to run around $200 to $300. The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home, and it could be dangerous for small children. You’ll need cabinet locks, oven locks, dishwasher locks, knob covers, latches, outlet plugs, child gates, and corner guards. 

When cooking in the kitchen, it’s a good idea to use the back burners on your stove and turn the pot handles inward so children can’t grab them and pull them down. Also, ensure that knives and sharp utensils are stored up high and out of reach of children. 

Childproofing a Bathroom

On average, the cost of setting up childproofing devices in the bathroom is $150. The bathroom needs several devices to get it up to par since it holds makeup, medicine, soap, hair dryers, chemical cleaners, and the like. 

You’ll also need a toilet lock, childproofing locks, doorknob covers, cabinet locks, nonslip bath mats, corner guards, and possibly an anti-scalding device for bathtub water. 

Childproofing a Swimming Pool

Childproofing a swimming pool has the highest costs, with pool fencing alone typically costing between $15 and $25 per linear foot. To fully childproof a swimming pool, you’re looking at spending between $1,500 and $20,000, with a price of $6,500 for a 100-linear foot metal fence. In addition to a pool fence, you may also want to buy a child gate for the door leading out to the pool, a pool alarm, and a pool tarp.

Childproofing Stairs

You can expect to spend $100 on baby safety gates for your stairs. Stairs are one of the easiest areas to childproof. The stairs often only need a child gate and a possible corner guard. But child gates are one of the higher-priced devices, so you’ll need to budget accordingly.

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Childproofing Device Prices

Childproofing devices can range anywhere from a simple outlet plug to as large as a swimming pool fence. Common prices for specific childproofing devices include the following:

  • Safety locks: $12–$25 per pack

  • Safety latches: $3–$25 per pack

  • Safety gate: $30–$150

  • Corner bumper: $20 

  • Anti-scald valve: $200 

  • Outlet plug covers: $5–$15 per pack 

  • Doorknob covers: $4–$15 per pack

  • Door pinch guards: $3–$20 per pack

  • Toilet lock: $15 

  • Door lock: $10–$32

  • Swimming pool fence: $1,500–$10,000

  • Anti-tip furniture anchor: $10–$20

Safety Locks and Latches

Latches typically cost $3 to $25 per pack, and childproofing locks range from $12 to $25 per pack. Childproofing locks are usually installed outside your doors and drawers, preventing children from opening them altogether. Safety locks and latches prevent children from entering cabinets, drawers, toilets, doors, and cupboards. A childproof latch is typically attached to the inner drawer or door with an adhesive that prevents children from opening them from the outside. 

Safety Gate 

How much do baby gates cost? Depending on the type, safety gates run anywhere from $30 to $150. Safety gates create a physical barrier to keep children safe and out of harm’s way when they start to crawl and walk. Parents usually install safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs, between rooms, and as a way to separate children and pets. 

Corner Bumpers

You can expect corner bumpers to cost around $20 each. Corner bumpers provide a soft cushion for all the corner and sharp-edged furniture in your home, such as coffee tables, kitchen tables, countertops, and desks. 

Anti-Scald Valve

Anti-scald valves typically cost $200. While bath time is a great way for caretakers and children to bond, it can also pose a danger: scalding accidents. Investing in an anti-scald valve is an excellent idea to prevent children from getting scald burns. 

We recommend hiring a local plumber to do the installation. The cost to hire a plumber runs between $45 and $200 per hour. 

Outlet Covers

Outlet covers cost around $5 to $15 per pack and include anywhere from 24 to 36 covers. Outlet covers are one of the most cost-effective childproofing devices, and they’re also one of the most important, as outlets are low to the ground and easily accessible. You’ll insert outlet covers directly over the outlet to prevent children from sticking their fingers and toys in the electrical receptacle. 

Doorknob Covers

Doorknob covers cost around $4 to $15 per pack. Childproof doorknob covers fit on top of most standard doorknobs, preventing small children from opening doors by making the knob unturnable. You can also use doorknob covers on stoves to prevent children from turning on the burners. 

Door Pinch Guards

Expect to pay between $3 and $20 per pack for door pinch guards. Door finger pinch guards work as a door stopper between the door and the door frame, providing a cushion to prevent the door from closing. Pinch guards prevent children from getting their hands or fingers jammed in a closed door. 

Door Lock

You can expect door lock deadbolts to cost between $10 and $32. A childproof door lock (or a deadbolt) prevents children from opening interior, exterior, and sliding doors by providing an extra layer of lock security. Make sure to install the deadbolt above the door handle and out of the reach of children. Test how high a child can reach by placing them on a step stool. 

Toilet Lock

You can expect toilet locks to cost around $15 each. A childproof toilet lock bolts the toilet lid so children can’t open it, which could lead to accidental drowning. Toilet locks are easy to install and remove if an adult needs to use the toilet.

Swimming Pool Fence

The cost to install a pool fence ranges from $1,500 to $10,000, depending on the materials, height, concrete work, and elevation changes. You’ll also need to account for adding a lock to your pool gate for added protection, purchasing a pool cover (around $1,200 to $3,600) and adding a pool alarm to detect a person falling in the pool (around $250 to $500).

Furniture Anchors

Expect to pay between $10 and $20 for childproof furniture anchors. Anti-tip furniture anchors prevent heavy furniture—such as television stands, TVs, and dressers—from falling over due to children climbing or pulling on them. Furniture anchors work by either bolting furniture into the wall or strapping them down.

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Childproof Devices Installation Cost

For the items you can’t install yourself, you’ll want to hire a handyperson to tackle the job. The cost to hire a handyperson can range anywhere from $65 for a simple job to as much as $1,200 to tackle a major childproofing job. 

Childproofing Cost per Square Foot

Expect to pay around $1 per square foot of the home to cover all basics, such as child gates, child locks, and outlet covers. In addition, the average babyproofing service cost for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment runs around$300 to $600 and a two-story home averages $600 to $1,500.

The larger the house, the more devices you’ll need. But this also comes down to individual floor plans. For example, you might have a large living room with only two bedrooms and two bathrooms, which might require less childproofing than a home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

DIY vs. Hire a Pro to Install Childproof Devices

Whether you should DIY or hire a pro entirely depends on your skill set and how comfortable you are installing childproof devices. But we recommend that for simple childproofing installations, you handle as many as possible in the areas that need the most work.

For large projects such as a swimming pool fence, anti-scald valve, or any item you feel is out of your comfort zone, hire a handyperson near you or the respective professional to handle the job. 

Cost to Install Childproof Devices Yourself

You’ll save roughly $60 to $65 per hour for every project you complete yourself. Most childproofing devices are easy to DIY, with a few exceptions, like the swimming pool fence and anti-scald valves. Make sure to handle the installation of items like cabinet locks, doorknob covers, corner bumpers, and furniture anchors.


How do you know where to childproof?

Evaluate every room when you decide where to childproof your home. For example, if your child is never in your primary bedroom closet, you can skip this area. Create a list of all dangerous components—such as sharp coffee tables, outlets, kitchen appliances, and bathroom fixtures—and decide whether to DIY install safety devices or find a pro to handle it for you.

When do you start babyproofing?

Start babyproofing your home about three months before the due date. Focus on babyproofing small items, such as baby gates if there are animals in the home, outlets, cabinets, and doors. It builds a new lifestyle habit and gets you used to childproofing before you ever need to worry about children getting into these areas. 

At what age do you no longer need to babyproof?

Most babyproofing occurs from the newborn through the toddler stages, typically lasting from 0 to 3 years old. But every child develops mentally, physically, and emotionally at different rates, so you’ll need to determine the right age for your specific child. After that, once your child learns about and understands the dangers in your home, you can slowly start taking your babyproofing devices down in stages.