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How Much Does It Cost To Repair An Electric Baseboard Or Wall Heater?

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It is always an uncomfortable feeling when your heater isn't working correctly. In the dead of winter, you'll want your heater functioning correctly. Electric baseboard heaters are pretty simple mechanisms and so repairing them usually isn't a huge expense. But there are a few different parts that can fail and so the cost of a baseboard or electric heater repair will depend largely on which part is broken or needs replacement.

What part is malfunctioning?

Your baseboard heater has a Thermostat, a heating element and a thermal limit switch.If your thermostat or heating element has gone bad you can have them fixed or replaced. If your thermal limit switch doesn't work, you likely will need to replace the entire heater. Your heating professional will test each of these parts to determine the malfunction.

Labor Cost Factors

Because your baseboard heater is a pretty simple system, sometimes the cost of labor to repair or replace a part is not worth the money and a full replacement of the system makes more sense. Talk to your repair pro about what a repair entails as opposed to a replacement to see what makes financial sense.

Factoring the Cost of Electric Heat

It used to be that electric heat was the most expensive way to heat your home. Now with the increase in oil prices, gas heat rivals electric in cost. However, when faced with the possibility of a broken heater, and a potential replacement, it never hurts to reassess your home's heating costs to see if a different form of heat may be more cost effective. You never know what you might find!


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It's a Wall Gas Heater.
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