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How Much Does It Cost To Repair Solar Panels?

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By converting the sun's rays into electricity, solar panels provide a renewable source of energy for our homes and businesses. Although they are usually installed at roof level, and they are manufactured to withstand the impact from small airborne debris, there are many possible ways to damage a solar panel. The most common seems to be broken glass, from rocks, bullets, a fall (loose bolts on the mount) or large hail.

Broken Glass

If you are able to remove all the broken glass, it might be possible for your professional to replace it with a new piece -- but the hard part will keeping water from condensing inside and fogging the new glass. It's also possible the panel will still work even with the broken glass in place, though with reduced output from the 'shade' from the broken glass edges. So don't just throw the broken panel away -- at least check it for output first.

Cracked Panel

If your panel is cracked, a professional may be able to solder the edges together and save the panel. However, if you notice a crack, get it addressed as soon as possible. The sooner you address the issue, the more money you will save in the long run. While individual solar panel costs vary, soldering a crack will almost always be less expensive than replacement and re-installation.

Loose Solder Connections

Another common problem is loose solder connections--some connections are intermittent and cut in and out as the panels heat and cool. You may notice cells cutting in and out if you sharply rap the panels with your hand. It may be necessary for your professional to cut through the soft silicone in which the cells are embedded to access the backs of the cells for repair. They may need to be un-soldered and then re-soldered again with new solder. Then the cuts and padding material will need to be replaced and/or fixed.

Roof Repair

If you are looking to replace your roof and you have solar thermal panels on the roof, you will want to contact a certified solar thermal technician to remove and replace your panels to prevent any damage. Just like you would NOT want solar technicians to replace your roof, you do not want a roofer to remove and reinstall your solar panels. These are complicated systems that need to be properly removed and reinstalled to prevent panel damage, pipe damage and keep you from having expensive repairs in the future.


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Jagdishchandra Patel More than 1 year ago
very helpful with my problem
Rita Burke More than 1 year ago
There are NO electrical panels. Water runs through PVC pipe heated by solar panels (non electric) on roof
steve many More than 1 year ago
was looking more for new install rather than repair.

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