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How Much Does It Cost To Repair An Awning?

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There are many different types of awning repair, so the relative cost will depend entirely on what is being repaired.

What is broken?

Electrical problems: If you have a retractable awning and the mechanism isn't working correctly, the problem could be electrical. This could be a minor electrical issue like a blown fuse or a short. If other electrical devices on the same circuit aren't working then you know wiring is the issue. If they are working then the problem lies elsewhere.
Motor issues: Your awning not retracting could be an issue with the motor, which could need replacement or repair. Motor issue range from minor to major.
Rips, snags or fraying: If the needed repair is a cosmetic one, then how you decide to repair it will affect the cost. For small tears, you could choose to simply have them patched, a minor cost that lasts a short while. For larger tears or fraying around the edges of the awning, there really is no long-term repair other than to replace the awning.

Labor Costs

Labor costs will vary based on the type of repair you need and the professional you choose. Labor costs may also be affected by whether or not the professional can come to your home to do the repair or will need to remove the awning.

Replace or Repair?

The time to replace instead of repair is when the cost of repairing the damage is greater than the cost of replacement. You may want to replace it when the look is altered enough to not reflect well on your home. If you feel an awning with many repair patches looks terrible, you may want to consider taking on the higher cost of replacement rather than repairing it again and again.


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candice wright More than 1 year ago
Just be very deligent and get at least 3 estimates . also you have to feel a connection with the person you hire . if you can't communicate, exchange ideas, express concerns about cost or changes you may end up displeased. they are there to make money of course as their skills are of value or you wouldn't have to hire anyone you would do it yourself. they may be considered blue collar but where would we be without our blue collar professionals. Give them respect they deserve and they will treat you fairly and honestly as they exist on referrals. Yes there are ones that don't work like that but that is where your having a could connection comes in. Usually you can get this with the first visit. Good luck

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