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How Much Does It Cost To Repair Asbestos Siding?

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A lot of older homes were built with asbestos siding, which is now considered to be an extremely hazardous material. While safety and health should be a concern, full removal might not be necessary in the case of siding. As long as your siding isn't cut, broken, sawed or drilled, then the hazardous particles will stay put and the siding is safe to be around.
However, if you need to do any repair to your siding, it's absolutely crucial that you contact an asbestos professional first. He or she can help you to determine what course of action to take and whether it can be repaired or if it will need to replaced. Here are some of the common factors that will affect the cost to repair asbestos siding once you find a reputable, licensed professional.


The cost to repair asbestos siding is probably lowest with encapsulating. This means a professional will paint the siding with a latex masonry primer and high-quality latex paint. This essentially seals in the asbestos. It's important, however, that your pro doesn't sand or scrape the shingles. This is what will loosen up those particles, and the particles from asbestos have been proven to be carcinogenic and increase the risk for lung cancer. To prepare, a professional should just wash down the siding with soap and water.


The cost to repair asbestos siding is more mid-range if you decide to cover the siding. This means that a professional will install an insulation board and vinyl siding on top of the existing siding. This will create an airtight seal that will encapsulate any preexisting asbestos fibers.


The cost to repair asbestos siding is the most expensive if a professional decides that the siding needs to be replaced. This isn't that same as removing other types of siding; removal of asbestos requires certain techniques for safety, as well as lots of regulations of how to transport the asbestos to a pre-approved dump site.

Red tape

There are a lot of rules, regulations and laws surrounding asbestos. Your professional will have to obtain the proper permits and certifications from local, state or federal authorities. Often a professional will have to write up the job that was completed to be filed with authorities. This ensures safety for you and your home, and the professional, but also reduces a hazard from the environment.
Overall, the cost to repair asbestos siding can remain relatively low compared to full removal and replacement. It is a sticky subject, and requires that you find a certified and trustworthy professional who will be able to navigate the legal requirements for the job.


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