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How Much Do Poured Concrete Walls Cost?

Typical Range: $2,817 - $11,099

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Poured Concrete Walls Cost

A poured concrete wall averages $6,525 for homeowners around the country, with most people paying between $2,817 and $11,099. You might pay anywhere from $932 to $25,000 depending on the size, materials, design and overall labor.

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National Average $6,525
Typical Range $2,817 - $11,099
Low End - High End $900 - $32,000

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Concrete Wall Cost Per Linear Foot

Expect to pay between $30 and $40 per linear foot for a concrete wall when working with concrete contractors. Your costs could raise substantially if you hire a mason but some homeowners prefer a mason’s expertise.

Cost of Concrete Wall Per Square Foot

Depending on the thickness and location of the concrete wall, you might pay anywhere from $10 to $60 per square foot. Basic walls fall on the lower end of the price spectrum, while stamping or other designs fall on the higher end.

If you’re building a retaining wall on a hill, your costs could run upwards of $90 per square foot. Contact a concrete contractor near you to find rates in your area.

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Precast Concrete Walls Cost

Because it’s an estimated 23% less expensive than poured concrete, installing a precast concrete wall costs $4,820 on average. While precast materials span from $20 to $30 per square foot, it’s a lot less labor intensive than the traditional pouring method..

To create precast concrete, manufacturers pour concrete into a mold and create a panel. Rather than having a truck come to your property to pour onsite, specialists lift these panels into place.

Prefab Concrete Wall Prices

A prefab concrete wall costs most homeowners between $1,650 and $8,000. Prefabricated concrete is another word for precast concrete.

Board Formed Concrete Cost

Homeowners pay at least $30 to $50 per square foot for board formed concrete. In creating this modern design, manufacturers lay wooden boards onto wet concrete to create lines and patterns. The more complex the design, the higher your price.

Cost of Poured Concrete Foundation Walls

Poured concrete foundation walls cost anywhere from $7,000 to $21,000, including the cost of a concrete slab.

Poured Concrete Basement Walls Cost

If you’re just pouring concrete walls and don’t need a foundation slab, your costs might range from $2,900 to $10,350. However, a large basement with thick concrete walls could easily cost upwards of $25,000.

Some factors that will also influence the cost of a full basement concrete foundation are:

  • Where you live (varies by region): $13,000-$27,000
  • Thickness and PSI (pounds per square inch) concrete rating
  • Type of steel reinforcement (i.e. rebar)
  • Clearing, land grading and digging (i.e. excavation): $2,000
  • Width and height of the walls
  • If you add plumbing or other utilities: $1,000+
  • Windows and window wells: $1,000
  • Waterproofing and backfill: $1,200
  • Flatwork for the basement: $1,800
  • Labor prices in the region
  • Material prices in the region
  • Soil and groundwater conditions
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Cost by Type of Concrete Walls

Type of WallAverage CostNotes
Retaining$5,200Either add to the landscape or prevent grade sloping & flooding in your home.
Block$1,260Work well for landscaping. Most homeowners use poured concrete for home foundation.
Stamped concrete$4,230Can stamp existing walls or patios.

A few notes:

  • Retaining walls cost: $3-$40 per square foot. Sometimes made of concrete blocks (a concrete block wall).
  • Cinder block walls cost: $9-$12 per square foot, including labor. Some manufacturers use the terms “cinder” and “concrete” interchangeably when talking about blocks.
  • Stamped concrete wall costs: depends on the design. For a 150-ssquare foot wall:
    • Basic designs: $1,600-$2,300
    • Custom designs: $3,600-$4,900

Cost of Concrete Wall Fence

A concrete wall fence could cost anywhere from $10 to $60 per square foot. If you opt for using blocks instead of pouring onsite, you’ll likely pay no more than $10 to $20 per square foot, including labor and materials.

For most homeowners, the price of brick or stone fences is between $2,150 and $7,500. Pouring a concrete fence is comparable in price but going with concrete blocks is less expensive than brick, stone or stone veneer.

Cost to Build Concrete Wall

Just the labor to build a concrete wall is between $35 and $40 per hour, not including materials. The labor is often just as much, if not more, than the cost of the materials. As much as 85% of the total cost might go into labor alone.

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DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

Working with concrete takes a lot of skill and experience. When it comes to building something as foundational as a wall, it’s essential that you work with experts. Even if you insist on installing a wall yourself, you’ll still need to hire a concrete delivery service near you.

Building a concrete wall is a complex process that could involve design, land grading, structural reinforcement, pouring and more. Save yourself what could very well be a DIY nightmare and find a concrete contractor instead.


What factors determine the cost of concrete walls?

Some of the factors that go into building a concrete wall include:

  • Materials: more than just concrete, you’ll pay for the equipment, framing materials and any extra materials for finishing or painting.
  • Height: walls more than 4 feet tall take longer because a contractor can’t pour all the concrete at once.
  • Delivery: on its own, concrete delivery costs $4,250 (but this is usually factored into your project quote).
  • Excavation: if you don’t have a flat surface for the pouring, you will pay extra (around $10 per cubic meter) for the professional to level the area.
  • Finish: it typically costs about $0.75 per square foot for smooth, exposed aggregate or a stamped finish.
  • Engineers: iring a structural engineer costs between $350 and $720.
  • Reinforcement: adding rebar helps to keep it reinforced, increasing strength and resistance to elements. Regardless of if you opt for plain, fiberglass or mesh rebar, you’ll pay about $0.15 per square foot for it.
  • Drainage: if there is not proper drainage around or underneath the concrete’s location, the price to install drainage usually ranges between $1,895 and $5,510.
  • Permit & taxes: building permit costs add an additional $410 to $2,230 to your project.

How much does a concrete home cost?

Concrete homes typically cost $2 to $4 more per square foot to build than a traditional house. For reference, the cost to build a house (with traditional wood framing) is $150 per square foot on average.

How do you pour a concrete wall?

To pour a concrete wall, professionals first build a frame or “form,” often made of metal. They’ll also dig out space into the earth so that the wall isn’t just sitting on top of the ground. A concrete delivery truck will come and fill in the form with material. After covering and curing it, professionals remove the forms to reveal a freestanding wall.

How expensive is a concrete home?

Concrete homes are more expensive than traditional homes (some estimate between 3% and 5% more). However, they cost less to maintain, offer better insulation, are stronger and also more soundproof than a traditional house with wood frames.

How expensive are rough concrete walls?

Rough concrete walls are likely similar in price to smooth concrete walls. Plan on paying anywhere from $2,900 and $10,325.

How much do precast concrete panels cost?

Precast panel costs depend on the manufacturer, but you can expect to spend at least $20 per square foot for a 200-square foot panel. Due to economies of scale, a 100-square foot panel is often more expensive at $30 per square foot.

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