How Much Does An AC Tune-Up Cost?

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$75 - $200

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Updated April 15, 2024

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  • AC tune-ups require specific knowledge and tools, making it best to hire a professional.

  • The average cost for AC tune-up is around $75 to $200, with additional costs for part replacement or repairs.

  • The cost of an AC tune-up is influenced by the age of the unit, time of year, warranties, and the system's overall condition.

  • Warning signs for an AC tune-up include inefficient cooling, mold or mildew in the system, and problematic electrical connections.

  • AC tune-ups optimize the system, reduce breakdown chances, achieve maximum energy efficiency, and possibly spot other significant problems.

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Regular air conditioner maintenance servicing costs around $75 to $200 for simple tune-ups, with a national average of $100. Extended service contracts run around $150 to $500 but include the entire HVAC system. 

A service call usually includes cleaning the condenser and running a series of checks to ensure your system is working properly. Pros will also check for other repair and maintenance issues, which we'll discuss below. For repairs outside a standard service—such as an evaporator coil or duct cleaning—expect to pay about $50 to $150 per hour for an HVAC technician.

What to Expect From an AC Tune-Up

AC tune-ups include various tasks that help keep your air conditioner in peak condition. Tune-ups help optimize your system to reduce the chance of breakdown and achieve maximum energy efficiency. Exactly what's included depends on the AC servicing company you choose and the package you select. However, common tasks include:

  • Coil cleaning

  • Checking and calibrating the thermostat

  • Air filter cleaning or replacement

  • Flushing the condensation lines

  • Checking for mold and mildew in the system

  • Testing electrical connections

  • Verifying the safety of fan blades and valves

  • Inspecting the blower motor

  • Cleaning and checking ductwork

  • Checking and refilling refrigerant levels

  • Lubricating moving parts

  • Inspecting electrical parts

  • Clearing debris from around the compressor, condenser, and fan

AC Tune-Up Cost Factors

You'll pay a flat rate of around $75 to $200 for AC tune-up costs, regardless of your location, access, or type of system you own. You'll pay more for add-ons like recharging freon, replacing parts, or major repairs.

Refrigerant Recharge

Unless you purchased a higher-tiered maintenance package, recharging AC refrigerant costs around $100 to $350. You won't need this done yearly, usually only if there's a leak or part that needs to be replaced.

Major Repairs and Replacements

Average costs compared for 8 AC tune-up tasks, including thermostat replacement, duct cleaning, refrigerant leak repair, and evaporator coil replacement

AC repairs cost anywhere from $75 to $1,500. Beyond that, you'll want to consider upgrading the entire unit for an average of $5,500.

Always compare the price of repairs to the cost of replacement. Tune-ups and inspections might find significant problems with your system, and you may end up looking at major repairs and replacements.

AC Service TaskAverage Cost Range
Thermostat replacement price$50 – $500
Fan motor replacement price$100 – $700
Refrigerant leak repair$230 – $1,600
Duct cleaning price$250 – $500
Ductwork repair or replacement price$500 – $2,000
AC evaporator coil replacement price$600 – $2,000
AC compressor replacement price$1,350 – $2,300
Central AC replacement price$3,500 – $7,500

Age of the Unit

The age of the air conditioning unit can impact the cost of a tune-up. Newer models will already be reasonably efficient, particularly if you get yearly inspections and tune-ups. However, older models are likely to need more work and replacement parts to keep them functioning, so expect tune-ups for older AC units to cost up to 50% more. 

Time of Year

The time of year is critical to prices regarding AC maintenance. At peak times, the cost of servicing can double. During the off-season, you can usually find lower prices and maybe even get a great deal. Early spring and winter are the best times to get your AC serviced since there's less demand for these services during colder periods.

Warranties and Service Plans

Some parts and labor costs may be covered if your machine is still under warranty. But it's essential to check the terms of your warranty since regular servicing or tune-ups may be a condition of the contract, with failure to show a record of these possibly voiding the warranty or any claim you make to recoup labor and parts costs. 

A servicing contract is potentially worth the money. Whether you have a new or old system, agreeing to an annual servicing agreement for just your AC or whole HVAC system can reduce the cost per service and may cover labor costs for repairs and some replacement parts. More extended service contracts, or those with twice-yearly visits, generally cost much less per visit than short contracts and one-off visits. 


It's not just the age of the AC but also the general condition that impacts the maintenance price. How you treat your machine—whether you keep on top of keeping the vents clean, vacuuming the ducts, and keeping them free of obstruction—are all critical to the condition of your system. Dirty or obstructed ducts and vents reduce efficiency and increase wear on your system's motor, increasing the likelihood of a breakdown. 

Similarly, if you've left it too long between servicing or ignored small warning signs, your AC will likely need more maintenance and replacement parts compared to a well-kept system. Therefore, you may pay more for the tune-up.

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HVAC Annual Maintenance Costs

Annual maintenance fees for extended service contracts run approximately $150 to $500 and include the entire HVAC system. If you have both central AC and heating, you’ll probably want to purchase these contracts for annual inspections and cleanings. Most contracts include:

  • Cost of AC service: $75–$200

  • Furnace inspection and maintenance: $80–$450

  • Air filter replacement: $10–$50

New systems that are still under warranty probably don't need maintenance work, but it's less expensive than combining independent HVAC service costs.

DIY vs. Professional Air Conditioner Tune-Up Cost

You don’t need a pro to change your air filter, especially since you need to do it every 30 days. But for refrigerant testing, cleaning lines, inspecting ductwork, and testing electronic systems, always call an HVAC professional near you since HVAC work requires specific knowledge and tools.


Is it necessary to service your AC every year?

It's not necessary to service it yearly, but we recommend it. It'll keep your AC running efficiently and spot any problems before they worsen.

What does AC maintenance include?

Each AC maintenance package from your local AC repair pro differs slightly, but you’ll get the majority of these:

  • Thermostat check

  • Electrical diagnostic and amp measurement

  • Electrical control sequence check to ensure you can’t have the heater and AC on at the same time

  • Evaporator coil airflow test and coil fin inspection

  • Condenser coil cleaning and fan debris removal

  • Duct inspection

  • Drain line flushing and inspection

  • Refrigerant check

  • Moving parts lubrication

  • Belt and seal inspection

  • Air filter cleaning or replacement

How often should I change my AC filter?

You should change your AC or furnace filter every 30 days. It’ll improve both air quality and its efficiency.

Is an AC tune-up service agreement worth it?

An AC tune-up service agreement can be worth the money. These service contracts can keep your AC functioning at maximum efficiency, reducing energy costs and wear and tear on your system. Having regular maintenance reduces the chances of breakdowns and expensive repairs, and your HVAC technician near you can often spot and correct minor issues before they turn into big, expensive ones. Plus, having a long-term service contract reduces the cost per visit compared to one-off maintenance or service calls.

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