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How Much Does Move Out Cleaning Cost?

Typical Range: $110 - $650

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Updated: September 7, 2021

Reviewed by Asya Biddle, Cleaning Services Professional & Owner of The Dust Busters, Williamsport, PA
Written by HomeAdvisor.

Move Out Cleaning Costs

The average move out cleaning costs $360. Hiring a professional for an apartment usually runs between $110 and $350; a house up to 3,500 square feet costs from $450 to $650 or higher. Prices depend on the amount and level of cleaning needed, as well as the size of the home.

Some cleaning companies charge hourly, usually between $25 and $50 per hour. Adding on extras, like cleaning inside of a fridge, cleaning the inside and outside of windows, whole oven cleaning and baseboard scrubbing, will add to your project cost.

On This Page:

1. Professional Move Out Cleaning Costs

Average Cost$360
High Cost$650
Low Cost$110

2. Move Out House Cleaning Cost

BedroomsSquare FeetBasic Cleaning Cost
2-Bed House1,000 - 1,500$120 - $260
3-Bed House1,500 - 2,000$180 - $300

Many homes need extra add-ons beyond what these basic prices account for. Depending on the amount of work, this could raise the price to $450 to $650.

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3. Apartment Move Out Cleaning Prices

Move out cleaning for an apartment averages between $110 and $350, factoring in the potential for add-ons. A studio apartment that doesn’t need any extra cleaning might only cost between $90 and $130. A larger apartment (such as a 3-bed, 2-bath) could cost up to $690 if it needs a lot of work.

Apartment TypeBase Cleaning PriceTypical Cost Including Add-Ons (Low-High)
Studio$90 - $130$100 - $520
1-bed, 1-bath$100 - $190$110 - $580
2-bed, 2-bath$140 - $210$150 - $600
3-bed, 2-bath$180 - $300$190 - $690

4. Move Out Cleaning Add-On Costs

Additional move out cleaning services add an average of $150 and $390 to the total cost. If your home just needs one or two add-ons (like cleaning out the fridge), you might only pay an extra $20 to $40. Houses needing multiple add-ons will pay more.

Common Cleaning Service Add-Ons
Carpet cleaning costs$120 - $240
Window cleaning costs$80 - $300
Fridge, oven or cabinet cleaning costs$10 - $40 each
Cleaning blinds costs$5 - $10 per set
Hardwood floor polishing costs$100 - $300
Tile and grout cleaning costs$100 - $200
Junk removal costs$60 - $370
Garage cleaning costs$70 - $200

5. Rental Property Cleaning Prices

Cleaning an AirBnB or rental property after guests and tenants leave costs an average of $360, but prices will vary depending on the size of the place and any add-ons. As a rental property owner, it’s important to factor in your estimated cleaning costs into the security deposit.

If your property is fully furnished, you might need to add on upholstery cleaning costs. Expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200 for a couch, though if your past tenants had pets this could up the price.

6. Vacant House Cleaning Prices

Cleaning a vacant house will likely cost between $360 and $650. Depending on how long the house was unoccupied, there’s a good chance that you’ll have lots of dust and deep cleaning to contend with. Contact a house cleaning service near you for an estimate.

7. Move In Cleaning Costs

If you bought a house as-is and the sellers didn’t clean whatsoever, you can expect to pay at least $450 to $650. However, you might still pay around the average price of $360 if the home isn’t massive or super messy. If you just want a cleaning crew to do a run-through, you might pay between $130 and $360.

8. DIY Move Out Cleaning vs. Hiring a Cleaning Service

A lot of people tackle move out cleaning on their own, but hiring a service is a major convenience. This is especially true if you are short on time, have young kids that need supervision, aren't able to do a thorough job, or aren't willing to do the work.

Hiring a professional service is not only helpful, it could also legally protect you. If you don't sell your house as-is and things aren't clean enough for the next homeowners, you could be in breach of the contract. Buyers could back out of closing or sue you for non-performance of the contract. A thorough, professional cleaning eliminates this risk (and helps your house look great, too).

If you're unable to find a pro in your area, consult with your real estate agent. Many agents build relationships with local janitorial companies and may be able to offer discounted or specified services.

9. FAQs

How long does it take to clean a house professionally?

A 4-person crew will usually take an hour for every 1,000 square feet. Anyone who has done move out cleaning on their own knows that for even an apartment, it can take one person several hours to get the job done.

What happens in a professional move out cleaning?

For a basic cleaning, you can expect the following services:

  • Wipe down all surfaces
  • Dusting
  • Mop
  • Vacuuming

A house in need of a deeper cleaning would use a lot of add-ons, such as cleaning out the inside of a fridge or oven. Deeper cleanings also require special products that cost more.

Can regular housekeepers perform move out cleaning?

Move out cleaning almost always has separate rates from a housekeeper’s regular service. On average, the cost to hire a maid is $170. This price is lower than the price of move out cleaning because a traditional housekeeping service entails less work (and often, less people).

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