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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Water Treatment & Purification System?

Typical Range: $146 - $786

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If you have a water purification system in your home, you often feel spoiled by the constant presence of clean and clear water. When the system stops working properly you suddenly have the reminder that unpurified water can taste flat, medicinal, or just plain bad! When you need to have your water purification system repaired, but are fearful about the cost, here are a few things to think about before calling a repair professional.


Distillers work by heating the water up until turns into a vapor. When the steam cools, in a different area of the filter, it condenses back into water. Distillers work slowly and can only clean a couple gallons of water every hour. So, sometimes, when your fear is that your distiller has stopped working it is simply that is isn't working fast enough and needs to "catch up" to your water needs. Wait a few hours and try the system again. If it is working properly, then there will be no issue after this short wait and you have saved yourself the cost and time of calling a repair professional.

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If the system still isn't working after that time then you probably need a repair. The cost of the repair will depend completely on what part of the system has stopped working correctly, but the most common issues for a distiller are filter replacement, or mineral build up inside the system...both are simple and inexpensive repairs.

Whole House systems

Whole house water purification systems use a cartridge to filter the water, and work much faster than other filtering models. This type of filter also usually contains a water softener. They get hooked to incoming water pipes, and provide clean water for the entire house. The most common repair for this type of system is a cartridge and filter replacement. This is a simple and inexpensive fix, but sometimes can be tricky to get the old cartridge out and he new one in. For this reason, it may be worth paying a pro to do this for you. You can also talk to pro about the costs of a maintenance plan in which you pay a monthly or quarterly fee and they take care of all the servicing and cartridge replacement for the system. This may cost a little more but is worth it in the long term as it can avoid costly breakdowns.

Size and complexity of the system

The cost of a water purification system is dictated largely by the size and complexity. There are small and simple water purifiers that affect just one tap in the house, and there are whole system water purification systems that clean and soften all the water coming into your home. With whole home water purification systems, there is a water softener component that treats hard water and removes minerals, and there is an under the sink water purification component that filters the tap water.
With these systems, you tend to get what you pay for. The more complex the system, the more completely it purifies your water, and the more water it cleans, the more expensive it will be. But the health benefits of having purified water in your home may far outweigh the costs.


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