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How Much Does Well Pump Repair Cost?

Typical Range: $339 - $1,449

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Well Pump Repair Cost

Repairing a well pump costs $894 on average and typically ranges between $339 and $1,449. Well pump repairs come in the form of replacing system parts. The most common repairs — the control panel, capacitor and pressure switch — cost $25 to $100 in parts alone. A house call runs $100 to $150 but can hit $300 after hours and weekends, not including parts.

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Average Cost of Well Pump Repairs

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National Average $894
Typical Range $339 - $1,449
Low End - High End $100 - $2,725

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Well Pump Repair Costs by Part

Costs vary from $100 to $800 to replace a single part. The parts you’ll most likely need to replace include the pressure switch, foot valve and motor start capacitor. You’ll likely spend less replacing multiple parts at once, which you can easily identify with a yearly inspection for $100 to $150.

You’ll pay more for parts replaced inside a well rather than the easier-to-access components inside your home or pump house. You’ll also likely pay more for deep wells that are 100 feet deep or more.

Well Pump Component Repair Prices

ComponentPart PriceTotal Cost (With Labor)
Well Ejector$40 – $300$150 – $500
Deep Well Jet Pumps<$100 – $500$400 – $800
Shallow Well Jet Pumps$50 – $250$200 – $500
Pitless Adapter$50 – $250$150 – $450
Control Box$50 – $200$200 – $500
Motor Start Capacitor$20 – $50$100 – $150
Pressure Switch$20 – $40$120 – $175
Pump Sleeve$40 – $60$150 – $400
Foot Valve$40 – $200$150 – $300
Pressure Gauge$10 – $30$100 – $175

Labor Cost to Repair a Well Pump

Labor costs to repair a well pump run $50 per hour on average in addition to a house call fee of $100 to $150. The callout rate almost always includes the first one or two hours of labor. Weekend and emergency (after hour) rates are usually double. Some companies charge a flat rate rather than hourly, generally about 50% of the total price.

Well Pump Replacement

Entire well pump replacement costs $1,000 to $2,500 on average. It’s usually cheaper to replace a part or two, but consider a new well pump if you spend over 50% of a new unit’s price on repairs. If a few pieces begin to fail, there’s a good chance that others will quickly follow. At that point, replacement may cost about the same—and you’ll have fewer maintenance problems.

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Common Well Pump Repairs & Problems

The main issues that affect having clean, usable water in your home can include other parts in the system, such as the pressure tank and filtration system. Watch for common issues, including pumps constantly running or cycling quickly, water pressure dropping or no running water at all.

Well pump issues include:

  • Capacitor failure: $100-$150. If the pump doesn’t run, then you would have no running water
  • Pressure switch failure: $120-$175. These switches often corrode, becoming pitted and burned. Insects, including wasps, can even build nests here and cause a short
  • Leaking pipe costs: $150-$300. May cause a drop in pressure that causes your pump to run constantly

Other issues to watch for include:

Annual Well Pump Inspection Cost

You’ll spend $100 to $150 on annual inspections. Your contractor will look over your entire system and perform a series of plumbing and electrical tests. These inspections can help you avoid costly water pump failures and high rates for weekend and emergency services.

Pressure Tank Issues

Pressure tank replacement costs $500 to $1,000. Pressure tanks in your house work together with your water pump to store water and make it available when you need it. Leaving tank issues untreated can lead to further system failures because other parts work overtime to keep up.

Pressure tanks have a vinyl bladder inside that works with the air pressure in the tank. As the pump fills the tank with water, the air inside becomes more compressed. When you open a faucet, that pressure pushes the water out for use. If that bladder becomes punctured or the tank loses pressure, you’ll suffer low water pressure and place extra strain on other components in your well water system.

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DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

Whether you choose to DIY or hire a local well repair contractor, malfunctions usually involve a combination of electrical or water supply problems. First, check to make sure the breaker switch didn’t trip and turn it back on if it did. It’s best to call a professional to help diagnose symptoms, which can come from multiple sources.


What is a well pump?

Well pumps are mechanical devices that pump water from your well into your home. They use electricity to pull and push water from a well up a hose or pipe and into your home, generally into a pressure tank and filtration system. They come in various sizes and types, including jet and submersible pumps for shallow and deep wells. 

What powers the well pump?

Almost all pumps use electricity, except for older hand pumps installed in places without available electricity.Residential types usually have energy between ½ to 3 horsepower.

How do I know if my well pump is bad?

You might have a bad water pump if you have low or no water pressure, inconsistent water pressure or don’t hear the system start (if it’s located in a building). However, some of these issues are also consistent with other parts failing in your system and sometimes depend on the type of pump you have. It’s best to have a professional well repair contractor inspect everything.

How long does a well pump last?

A well pump lasts about 15 years on average.

Is a well pump covered by homeowner’s insurance?

Well pumps are covered by most homeowner’s insurance so long as it stops working due to a covered cause, such as a weather event.

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