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How Much Does A Metal Carport Cost?

Typical Range: $2,131 - $4,739

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Metal Carport Prices

The typical cost of a metal carport is between $2,131 and $4,739, or an average of $3,435 for a high-quality aluminum carport with a boxed eave roof. Inexpensive options like a basic aluminum model with rounded roofing are between $900 and $1,200. At the high end, a stainless-steel model with a vertical roof and gabled end caps costs between $4,500 and $6,000.

A metal carport is a quick way to provide shelter for your daily driver or some of your “toys.” Many people opt for one instead of building a full-fledged garage since they’re affordable and customizable. Metal carports have you covered whether you need temporary storage or a long-term workshop/garage.

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National Average $3,435
Typical Range $2,131 - $4,739
Low End - High End $900 - $7,350

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Metal Carports Prices and Sizes

Metal carports are affordable, often costing at little as $1,000 with installation.

Retailer prices almost always include delivery due to the kit's size and weight. This task typically uses a heavy-duty truck with an extended trailer to ensure the kit doesn’t get damaged on the way to your home.

Many sellers offer free delivery within their delivery area. However, they may charge an extra fee if you live on or beyond the boundary of their locally priced zone. A small order, often below $600, may also incur a delivery charge of about $50. Ask your retailer about delivery charges up front.

Carports come in many sizes, although they’re typically built to shelter one or two cars. However, carports come in sizes ranging from just enough for a motorcycle or ATV to large enough for an RV.

Metal Carport Prices by Size
One mid-sized car: 21'L x 12'W x 6'H$700-$800
Two mid-sized cars: 21'L x 24'W x 6'H$1,300
One large RV: 41'L x 20'W x 12'H$2,825
ATV or motorcycle: 10'L x 7'W x 6'H$550
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Metal Carport Installation Considerations

The total cost average of $2,131 and $4,739 includes materials and installation. Some product sellers perform installations at no extra charge. Installing a metal carport yourself typically saves only about 5% of its cost. For example, a model that costs about $600 with installation would only save you an average of $30 if you installed it yourself.

The prices in the previous section assume the installation site is level and easily accessible to the delivery truck. They also assume your carport will use standard 2’ braces and won’t have any extra features like specially-designed roofs. The following items often add to the cost of installation:

  • Installation over an existing structure like a storage shed or workshop: $200
  • Ground uneven by 4” to 9”: $150
  • Boat dock installation: $200 (Most companies won’t install a carport on a floating boat dock)
  • More than 50‘ between the nearest road and installation site: $50
  • An existing retaining wall: cost is on a case-by-case basis
  • Building the carport first and sliding it into place: $200, though not always possible

Roof Types

The price difference between roof types is between $100 and $200, which include regular, boxed eave and vertical. A regular roof has rounded eaves that come down the side slightly. A boxed eave is squared off, with a small overhang on the sides and horizontal lines running from front to back. A vertical roof has lines running vertically from the peak to the walls, which adds strength and allows for rain runoff.


Gabling covers the end caps at the roof at a cost of $150 per end. You can also wall off one end with gabling at a cost of $300 to $500.


Walls are often available for your carport at a cost of $300 to $600 per 3’ increment. They make your carport more enclosed, providing extra security and shelter.


Sellers may offer carports in a choice of colors, usually for the same price. You can also paint the carport yourself or hire a professional painter if you want a color the seller doesn’t provide.


Carports in colder climates need stronger roofs to support ice and snow. Those in areas subject to hurricanes may require extra anchoring to withstand high winds. Models are also available with thicker steel and a longer warranty. All of these options will add to your cost, so you need to discuss them before you buy.

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Building Your Own Carport

You should let the company you’re buying the carport from install it if they offer this option. This ensures correct installation and gives you legal recourse if it isn't put in properly. The company is also more likely to give you a discount on products or services such as installing walls later.

You can also install the carport yourself if you’re an experienced DIYer and have a couple of friends to help you. The following steps describe the general procedure for installing a carport:

  1. Obtain building permits if required. This will keep you from having to tear your carport down if it’s in violation of a building or zoning code.
  2. Measure your area. A typical car will need a space of at least 16’ x 9’ to ensure you have enough room to move around it.
  3. Get your materials. Galvanized steel kits are less expensive than stainless steel, but aren’t as strong and have less resistance to rusting.
  4. Level the ground. Skip this step if you’re building the carport over an existing driveway.
  5. Pour a concrete slab if possible.
  6. Cover the ground to avoid tracking dirt and mud through the work site.
  7. Assemble your kit according to its instructions.
  8. Check your frame for stability and add braces if necessary. Most carports only require posts at the four corners and a post in the middle of each side.
  9. Put the roof on, along with any other features like gabling and walls.

Metal Carport Pros and Cons

  • Carports cost about half as much as a garage
  • They don’t have as many building and fire regulations since they aren’t considered an enclosed or livable space
  • Small carports can be built in less than a day, and even large ones can be built over a weekend
  • They have plenty of natural ventilation
  • Carports don’t provide as much protection from the weather as a garage since the sides are usually open
  • They won’t keep animals out
  • They don’t provide additional security
  • You can’t convert a carport into a livable room if your family grows
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Are wood carports cheaper than metal?

Metal carports are generally cheaper than wooden ones, especially if the metal is aluminum rather than stainless steel. Even in cases where the cost of the kit itself is the same, wooden versions require more bracing. You could save more with a metal model since it needs less maintenance and has a longer lifespan.

How much is the price of a metal carport in Texas?

The generally low cost of construction materials in Texas means that metal carports are cheaper than in many other states. For example, a 12 x 21 foot carport with a regular roof is available for $900. A carport of the same size with a boxed eave roof is $1,000, and $1,200 for a vertical roof.

What's the ROI of building a metal carport?

The relatively low cost of metal carports and their utilitarian purpose should increase the value of your house. This increase can range from $700 to $10,000, depending on the property’s location and footers. This gap means you'll need to research the costs near you to determine ROI.

Are permits required for metal carport installation?

Building regulations vary by municipality, but there are some general factors that affect the chances that you’ll need a permit for a metal carport. A model that’s fully enclosed or is attached to the ground in some way is more likely to require permit. Living in a large city also increases the chances that you’ll need a permit for a metal unit.

Are steel or aluminum carports better?

The factors to consider when choosing between a steel or aluminum carport include cost, weight, strength and durability. A steel carport is significantly stronger, which is especially important in areas with wind or snow. On the other hand, aluminum is lighter, cheaper and won’t rust.

Do I need to seal a metal carport to protect it from rusting?

Metal carports are typically made of aluminum and stainless steel, which resist rusting. However, they may still benefit from a coating of sealant appropriate for that metal, especially if the carport is regularly exposed to saltwater. Galvanized steel requires periodic treatment to restore its coating.

How do I get the best prices on metal carports?

Prices for metal carports are pretty standardized, so you may not see much of a difference in cost for the same model. However, you can save money by buying the smallest carport that meets your needs, bearing in mind that you may buy another car one day. You can also cut costs by skipping on features you can do without.

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