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How Much Does It Cost To Fabricate Sheet Metal?

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Sheet metal is a cost-effective material that is used in a wide variety of purposes including the construction of storage sheds or barns and for use in screens and cages. Over time, exposure to the elements, wear and tear, or other issues may lead to the need for repairs and fabrication of replacement sheet metal. The costs of this project depend upon the extent of the damage, the thickness of the metal, and whether any other parts of the structure also have damage.

Common Repairs for Sheet Metal

Sheet metal can experience different types of problems necessitating repairs. Some of the most common repairs to sheet metal include completing a re-screen, repairing the screen, painting a cage, fixing rotted wood fascia, repairing or replacing broken doors, fixing structure damage, and fixing sealant at the junction of two pieces of sheet metal or between a sheet of metal and another material such as wood. In some cases, repairs can be made by a handyman or a general contractor, while specialty metals and materials may require the work of a metallurgist or welder. Basic repairs such as screen repairs, fixing rotted wood, fixing sealant, repairing doors, or painting costs an average of $35 per hour plus the cost of materials. A complete re-screen costs an average of $6 per square foot. Fixing structural damage costs an average of $85 per hour in labor, plus the cost of replacement materials. When specialty pieces of sheet metal are required for a project, homeowners may pay stamping fees that add an average of $2 per square foot to the cost of sheet metal.

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Reasons for Sheet Metal Repairs

Because sheet metal is typically used outdoors, it encounters a range of environments and hazardous conditions that cause damage to the material. Exposure to pests like ducks and birds sitting on screens causes corrosion and rust to the metal. These animals may also leave their waste products on the metal, causing further damage. Squirrel damage from chewing or trying to enter the structure is another cause for concern.

Severe storms and hurricanes may cause wind and hail damage that warps, bends, or dents the sheet metal. The growth of mold on fixtures and casings may cause the non-metal components to decompose and cause the metal to rust and develop an unwanted patina. Exposure to salty air near the ocean may cause the sheet metal to corrode while extreme temperatures may cause it to rapidly expand and contract, leading to cracking or warping of the material.

Considerations When Doing Sheet Metal Repairs

Homeowners beginning a sheet metal restoration or repair project should take into consideration several factors that will affect the final cost: aesthetics and function of the project. When re-screening, homeowners can upgrade to a specialty screen like solar or privacy screen, which allows a space to be used year-round for outdoor activities such as swimming. Homeowners can upgrade doors and hardware if getting a new enclosure. These fixtures will add to the beauty of the project and may also increase the value of the property. Changing the color or giving the enclosure a facelift with paint are additional activities that can be done after any damaged metal is repaired. Painting adds an additional layer of protection to the metal. Some paints are specifically made for use on metal exposed to the outdoors. If the sheet metal structure is located in a place with significant precipitation, the placement of gutters and downspouts adds an average of $5 per square foot of area.

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