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How Much Does A Carport Cost?

Typical Range: $3,181 - $9,752

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Carport Cost

Building a carport costs between $3,181 and $9,752, averaging around $6,403. Factors include unit size, features and price, site preparation, permit prices, whether you install a concrete slab, and whether you want to paint it. A carport is an affordable way to protect your car from the elements or create a covered work or storage area.

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National Average $6,403
Typical Range $3,181 - $9,752
Low End - High End $900 - $24,000

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Carport Prices

Metal Fabricated Carport Prices
Size (LxW in feet)Average Price

Carport prices depend on the size, but the material is also a significant factor in determining the price. Usually, metal carports cost more, but its price depends on the thickness of the metal sheets. The type of wood that you use also has a major effect on the price of a wooden carport. Talk to your carport installer to find the best material for your project.

You can buy prefabricated carports directly from manufactures like Alan’s Factory Outlet. You can choose from a lot of customizable features such as roof styles, doors, windows and chain hoists.

Carport Prices Near You

Find quotes from carport builders near you to get the best estimate for your project. Large coastal cities and remote areas tend to have the highest labor costs, with the lowest cost of labor being in the South. Material costs are less variable between cities, although they may cost more in remote areas due to farther transportation.

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Carport Prices Installed

Homeowners pay an average between $3,181 and $9,752 total for a new carport. If you buy a prefab carport from a manufacturer or retailer, the price may include installation. For example, Alan’s Factory Outlet offers free installation and delivery on prefab carports. Assembling a prefab carport doesn’t require expertise, but it will take multiple people. If you have to pay for installation separately, the cost comes from hiring a team of installers.

A prefab two-car carport typically requires at least 16 hours of work to install, so a team of four experienced installers should be able to do it in four hours. If you pay for the installation separately from the materials, the total cost will be the sum of the team members’ hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours required for installation.

Cost to Build a Custom Carport

The total cost of building a custom carport is the sum of the costs for materials and labor.

For example, carpenters charge about $70 per hour, depending on locale. A simple wooden carport will require about 30 hours of work, which would cost $2,100.

The rate for electricians can range between $65 and $85 per hour. Wiring a carport with electricity requires at least four hours of work, for an average cost of about $300.

You’ll need to prepare the site and pour the slab. Site preparation is mostly demolition and excavation. It requires little in the way of materials, so the cost should be based entirely on the tools and labor.

Slab Carport Foundation Cost

The cost of a concrete slab averages between $4 and $8 per square foot. Expect to pay at least $1,500 for a 12x20 foot, one-car carport. Many carports are built on a concrete slab, which includes piers. Installation requires a qualified professional and will typically cost $75 per cubic yard for about 26 cubic yards of concrete.

Slabs aren’t always desirable or possible for a carport, but they’re needed for a garage. So, if you’ll want to convert the carport into a full garage, pouring the slab will save you that time and money later.

Choose a location for your slab that is level and protected from wind, but also convenient for parking your car. Your municipality may have zoning requirements for outdoor structures on your property. Call your local zoning commission to get the correct permits if needed. If you hire a contractor, they may be able to do this for you.

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Carport Painting

The cost of painting a carport depends on the hourly rate, the surface area of the carport and the number of coats you want. Painters typically charge between $25 and $35 per hour and could require 12 to 20 hours per coat to paint. The cost could, therefore, range between $300 and $2,000.

Painting protects the underlying material from the elements, especially water. Metal carports are susceptible to rust due to prolonged exposure to water, while wood carports can rot and warp. Painting can lengthen the life of your carport, whether it’s made of wood or metal. Painting also enhances the carport’s appearance, especially when the color of the carport matches that of the house.

Paint is highly specialized these days, so make sure you use a type that works for the material. The correct primers and sealers are essential for maximizing your carport’s weather protection.


How much does it cost to close in a carport to make a garage?

To enclose your carport, you’ll need to budget for the site prep, slab installation (if you don’t already have one), cost of building exterior walls (which depends on the type of siding you choose) and the cost to install a garage door (which averages about $1,100).

Will a carport add value to my home?

Adding a carport could increase your home’s resale value if it’s undervalued for its neighborhood. Consider building a garage instead if you’re interested in increasing your home’s resale value. Building a garage costs about $30,000 and has an estimated return on investment (ROI) of 80 percent.

How much are wood carport prices for DIY build?

The cost of a wood carport is based on the cost of the wood if you plan to do it yourself. The wood and other materials needed to build a carport measuring 20 feet by 20 feet would be approximately $2,000, depending on location. This doesn’t include the cost of materials for the roof, which would range from $260 for asphalt to $600 for metal.

How much is a lean-to?

A lean-to metal carport typically begins at $3,500 to $4,000, including installation. This type of carport tends to be much longer than a standalone carport because it can run the entire length of the house. The height of the carport and other options, like doors, can add to the cost.

How long does it take to install a carport?

It can take up to eight hours to assemble a metal carport, depending on the size, number of workers and custom options. A simple wooden carport can be built in a day. These estimates assume the workers have experience with this type of work.

Do I need a permit to add a carport to my house?

Check with your local municipality to see if you need a building permit for your carport. Permits and HOA rules might regulate the size, style and location of your new carport. Regulations vary by state and can differ significantly between neighboring counties or neighborhoods.

How do I get the best price on carports?

Need a carport on a budget? If you're a seasoned handyman, you could save money by assembling a prefab carport on your own, with some help. Leave tasks like electrical work or pouring a foundation to licensed contractors. Compare quotes from local concrete installers and nearby electricians to get the best price.

What's the best type of carport for my home?

The best carport design for your home depends a great deal on the site and your budget. Talk to your carport retailer or builder about what’s best for your lot and needs.

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