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How Much Does It Cost To Build Furniture?

Typical Range: $1,166 - $4,256

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Custom furniture can make an extremely attractive addition to your home as it is made specifically for your space. This allows you to design something that will solve some design problems, and that also matches your exact taste. However, you might just assume that it's really expensive to have custom furniture built. Your first step should be to talk to a professional to get a better idea of the potential cost. Every craftsman is different, and you might be surprised. Once you find a professional, there will be a couple of factors that will affect the cost to build furniture.


The type of furniture you choose will impact the price. If you're having a custom upholstered piece of furniture, then the lumber will be basic, but the fabric you choose will likely cost more. There's a range to upholstery fabric and it will ultimately depend on your taste and your budget for what you choose. If you're opting for a piece of wood furniture, then the lumber will be more expensive since it will visible. There are tons of types of wood to choose from, and what you pick will definitely affect the cost to build furniture.


If you are having a wood piece of furniture built, then the finish will affect the cost. Some people opt to leave the wood bare if they choose an attractive type of wood, and will just want it to be sealed. But there is the option for staining or painting, which can even further customize your furniture. However, this will increase the cost to build furniture as it will increase the amount of time it will take for construction.

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$1,166 - $4,256
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Size matters when it comes to the cost to build furniture, but not in minor differences. If the difference will be big enough that it will require another piece of plywood, then it will be more expensive. But choosing to do a bookshelf that's 13 inches deep versus 10 inches probably won't make a difference in price. It's more about the necessity for more materials when it comes to those minor variations that will impact the cost to build furniture.


If you want a piece of furniture with lots of drawers, or different sized drawers or compartments, then the cost to build furniture will increase over a straightforward table or bookshelf. The more intricate the design, then the more you can expect your furniture will cost.
Overall, the cost to build furniture will depend on the design, the size and the materials you choose. These are not cost-prohibitive projects, though. Just make sure to talk to at least three professional to find someone whose style you like and who you can work with to design the perfect piece for you and your home.


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