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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Bluestone Patio?

Typical Range: $1,600 - $2,100

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A bluestone patio can be a wonderful addition to any home. It is aesthetically pleasing and extremely popular as a design. Installing this type of patio can be a great way to add significant resale value to a property while also allowing homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space to the fullest extent.

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Bluestone Patio Costs

A bluestone patio costs about $18 per square foot to install, though it could be as much as $20 per square foot depending on the style you choose. Bluestone is a durable stone that is a cool gray or blue color. When used to build a patio, it results in a cool, crisp appearance that is more elegant than a traditional poured concrete patio. This material is highly durable and requires little maintenance, aside from power washing once a year to keep it clean and sweeping it regularly to get rid of debris.

There are some special considerations that homeowners should keep in mind when determining their budget for a bluestone patio project:

  • Materials
  • Labor
  • Location

The cost for materials is typically between $700 and $800 for a 100-square-foot patio. Anything larger would most likely be considered a special project by the installation company and may cost an additional five to 10 percent in labor as a result. In general, the labor for such a project costs between $975 and $1,025 for a standard-sized patio. Furthermore, if it will be raised off the ground, steps will need to be installed leading to and from the patio. This can sometimes add as much as a few hundred dollars to the cost of the project.

Finally, the location of the project and the time of year in which the installation is done should be considered. Installation costs can vary based on regional trends. During non-peak times of the year for patio installation, it is often possible to save 10 percent or more on the overall project.

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Other Bluestone Patio Cost Considerations

There are other pricing considerations homeowners may want to keep in mind during a bluestone patio installation. For example, when hiring a professional, make sure equipment costs are included. This includes masonry saws, compactors and other necessary tools. Equipment costs typically range between $50 and $80. Find out if preparation and cleanup costs are included in the price of patio installation as well.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bluestone

There are pros and cons to using bluestone for a patio. The major advantage is the modern and sleek appearance that bluestone can achieve in any space. This material is also quite durable and relatively affordable for a stone.

On the other hand, all stone materials are porous. Bluestone is especially so. As a result, the stone can easily become stained and will require some maintenance. Also, since each stone is laid individually, they can shift over time. This can result in an uneven patio surface.

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Additions to the Patio

There are some great design ideas that homeowners may also want to consider. Incorporating a bluestone fire pit into the patio, for example, can be a great feature for the outdoors in autumn. This may add a few hundred dollars to the overall cost of the patio, but is worth it for those who live in a cooler climate.

In addition to a fire pit, some homeowners also like to have a grill built into their patio space. This is a wonderful way to entertain guests, and nooks for grills can be built out of bluestone for a seamless look.

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Saving on Bluestone Patio Installation

Homeowners should compare estimates from numerous contractors and patio installation companies to find the best deal. Additionally, homeowners may wish to inquire about payment plans, which may be available through some companies, but are typically not offered by general contractors.

Bluestone is a great choice as a patio material due to its natural beauty, low maintenance and durability. With its benefits, it is sure to remain a trend in patio building for many years to come.

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