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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Heating Cable?

Typical Range: $416 - $1,205

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If you live in a climate with heavy snows throughout the winter months, you know that excessive and constant snow build up on the roof of your home can cause long term issues and even be dangerous! The excessive snow build up can weaken your roof over time, not to mention that large amounts of snow and ice, as they melt, can slide off your roof and be dangerous to those below. You may want to consider the installation of a heat cable on your roof to help melt the excess snow and ice creating a safer environment.

Roof Size & Heating Cable Length

The biggest single factor is determining the price of your heat cable is the size of your roof. Heat cables are priced by the linear foot, so the bigger your roof, the longer the cable and the higher the price. You may be able to mitigate this cost to a certain extent if there are sections of your roof that do not tend to get as much snow due to trees, or slope. In this case you may choose to only run the heat cable over certain sections of the roof

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$416 - $1,205
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$185 - $2,000

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Thermostat Installation

A heat cable is a reasonably simple device so there are not huge differences in types or brands, however, some heat cables run on a thermostat. If you prefer a thermostat controlled system, it will cost more than a manually controlled system. Ask your installation professional if a thermostat controlled system is right for you.

Installation Cost Factors

Although the installation of roof heating cables will vary by installation pro, most installations can be completed in one day. Your installation professional may charge more if your roof is unusually high or has a very steep slope. You may also have a higher priced installation if there are sections of your roof that are less accessible than others and require a lift or very high ladder to access.


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