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How Much Does A Spool Pool Cost?

Typical Range: $5,500 - $50,000

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Cocktail Pool Costs

Cocktail pools cost an average of $22,650 but vary from about $5,500 to $50,000, including labor. Labor for a 300-square-foot pool totals $1,650 or about $5.50 per square foot. Materials alone, or a “kit”, will average about $20,000.

the average cost to build a spool pool is $22,650 or $5,500 to $50,000.

Whether you call it a cocktail pool, a spool (“spa pool” or “small pool”), plunge, or splash pool, this miniature unit can provide a variety of activities. It can be a place to cool off in the summer or have a heated soak in the winter. You can have all these benefits without breaking the bank or taking all your available yard space. There are many customizations available that will impact your overall cost.

Check out our pool installation remodeling tips and other advice before starting a spool project.

Spool Costs

The average cost to install an in-ground spool is $22,650 including labor, but this can vary depending on the type you choose.

Spool Building FactorAvg. Cost

Spool Pool Prices

Average Material Prices for 300 Square Foot Spool
Concrete (Gunite)$23,000
Cedar (round, 6’ diameter)$5,000

Another material option for the DIY savvy homeowner is to repurpose an item. Shipping containers, livestock “stock containers” and large dumpsters can all form the lining of a spool. These run anywhere from $100 to $4,000, plus the cost of sealing and installation. While these could be above ground, if used as an in-ground system, excavation costs can be an additional $400 to $1,500.

Prices change depending on:

  • Size: Average size is 13’-22’ long, 6’-10’ wide, and 4’-5’ deep.
  • Shape: Square, rectangle, round, oval, L-shaped, and custom pool designs
  • In-ground vs. Above-Ground
  • Material
  • Additional Features: Many choices from lights to treadmills. See all options below.
  • Location: Material charges vary depending on where you live.

Average Cost to Install a Spool

Installing a spool is comparable to the cost of installing a pool, running about $5.50 per square foot for an in-ground project. The larger the capacity, the higher labor runs. For an average 300 square foot model, labor is roughly $1,650. This cost varies by:

  • Location
  • Individual contractor’s rates
  • Existing conditions: Removal of major vegetation or other obstructions, could increase the price of excavation.
  • In-ground vs. Above-Ground: The second requires less labor.
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Spool Pool Spa Costs

A spool spa will cost roughly $17,000 without labor. These models have a heater, whirlpool or air pump system, and additional seating. Many kits come with these features already included, but if not, they will increase costs.

In-Ground vs. Above-Ground Cocktail Pool Prices

  • In-ground:$20,000 on average.
    • DIY kits: $5,000.
  • Above-ground:$17,000 on average.
    • Indoor, single-person plunge models: $5,500.

Indoor Cocktail Pools

Indoor pool installation averages about $25,000. The range of options can include larger sunroom exercise models to single-person, private plunge baths. Diamond Spa brand sells pre-built, portable plunge pools in either steel or copper starting at $26,000. They sell a one-person, Japanese-style, freestanding copper model for $5,500 that simply needs attaching to your existing power and drain pipe.

Small Endless Pools

Endless Pools brand makes many models ranging in price from $7,400 to $37,000+ which are all performance, training, or health based. These can be in-ground or above, indoors or outdoors.

  • Aside from their WaterWell® model ($9,900) which is for standing exercise, they all have a channel of water that allows the user to swim in place.
  • Any swimming space, large or small, can be converted into an endless pool system by installing their Fastlane® component ($7,400). This large jet generates a current that you can swim against.
  • You can install the above-ground models in any space with a foundation, including basements, sunrooms, converted garages, and accessory buildings in about 2 to 3 days. Their entry-level Streamline® kit runs at $15,900, not including labor.
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What is a Spool Pool?

A spool or “spa/small pool” (also called a cocktail, plunge, or splash pool) is a miniature pool, usually around 300 square feet. The biggest difference between this and a spa is the depth. While they both are small and have similar features, spools are deeper, allowing you to submerge fully while standing.

They have become increasingly popular because of their smaller price point and footprint versus traditional models. Additionally, upkeep costs half the yearly price to own and maintain a swimming pool at between $900 and $1,600 per year. This includes the price to maintain, including repairs, electricity, and water.

Benefits of a Cocktail Pool

  • Low Price: For materials, labor, usage costs, and maintenance compared to larger ones.
  • Adaptability: Can fit odd spaces.
  • Usage: Can be used for soaking, swimming laps, as a fountain, or sunning space.
  • Health: Can improve physical and mental health as a recreational resource or healing bath.
  • Eco-friendly: Use 80% less water and electricity than traditional pools.

DIY vs. Hiring a Spool Installer

Depending on your comfort level with DIY projects, and the type you’re installing, you could complete this job yourself. If you are buying a free-standing, indoor model, the installation can take 3 or 4 days by an experienced homeowner. In this case, you would only be paying for materials and possible shipping costs, or about $5,000 and $15,000. Additional to this total is the cost for a building permit and any tools you need for the actual installation.

If you are purchasing an in-ground spool, we recommend having a contractor complete the work for a charge of $5.50 a square foot. You may find that you need to hire other professionals or subcontractors such as electricians or plumbers. Pool building contractors near you have the experience, tools and machinery readily available to complete this work for you.

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How long does it take to install a spool?

Installation of a cocktail pool can take 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the size, type, and location. A professional can install an above-ground, vinyl-lined swim spa in 3 to 4 days. Delivery of the unit may take several weeks. If you are installing an in-ground model, complete all excavation work during delivery time.

How much space do I need for a cocktail pool?

An indoor, one-person plunge uses about 4 square feet of space. For multiple people to fit, it will need to be larger. Remember that if a vendor says a pool is 7 feet by 12 feet, that usually means swimmable area. Above-ground models require a foot or so extra on each side for housing the mechanical systems.

What’s the best material to use for a cocktail pool?

The best material for a cocktail pool is a personal style and cost preference. Aside from a DIY repurposed material, vinyl is the cheapest option. Copper is the most expensive but generally considered more attractive than vinyl. It’s ultimately the homeowner’s choice.

How do I maintain my small pool?

How to maintain your spool depends on the material and the type of circulation system. For example, you should clean a copper model frequently with mild, non-acidic, non-corrosive products.

To clean a whirlpool system in a fiberglass unit, you should add dishwashing liquid and bleach or vinegar while it is full and running. An air pump system must be totally empty for cleaning. Never run a whirlpool system when empty. Be sure to check with the manufacturer for the best cleaning method.

What additional features can I add to my spool?

There are a seemingly endless number of features you can add. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Heater: Sometimes the cost to install a heater is included in the kit you purchase.
  • Water features and lighting
  • Seating
  • Pool vacuum and auto chlorination systems
  • Steps/Ladder
  • Cover: manual or automatic options available.
  • Endless “static swim” system
  • Underwater treadmill or bicycle
  • Salt water system: Only available for certain systems.
  • Remote phone control
  • Variable speed pump/filter
  • Infinity edge
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