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How Much Does It Cost To Renovate Or Convert A Garage?

Typical Range: $5,935 - $21,927

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Reviewed & Approved on August 19, 2020 by Cati O'Keefe, Expert Home Building & Sustainability Contributor.

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Garage Conversion Cost

Surveyed homeowners paid between $5,935 and $21,927 to turn their unused garage into habitable living space. On average, converting a garage costs $13,918.

The price of contracted labor is a major factor in the overall price. Most contractors charge a flat fee that’s based upon 10% to 20% of the final project cost, while hourly builders earn an average of around $15 per hour.

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National Average $13,918
Typical Range $5,935 - $21,927
Low End - High End $1,625 - $45,000

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Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 615 HomeAdvisor members in .

Cost to Convert a Garage to Different Types of Spaces

SpaceAvg. Cost
Living Space or Family Room$5,000 - $10,000
Apartment or Guest House$15,000 - $30,000
Bedroom or Master Suite$10,000 - $15,000
Bathroom$3,000 - $25,000
Office or Work Space$5,000+
Granny Flat$3,000 - $30,000
Utility Room$6,000+
the average cost to convert a garage is $13,300

Living Space/ Family Room

Turning your garage into a family room can average anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000, depending on whether you need to add a window or door. By law, your family room needs at least one window big enough to use as an emergency exit. Installing insulation, drywall, flooring and HVAC make up the rest of teh major costs of this type of project.

Apartment or Guest House

"Some building codes require you to maintain a fire door between the main house and the addition depending on how your plan to use the additional space. Ask your local building department for the requirements in your area."Cati O'Keefe, Expert Home Building & Sustainability Contributor.

A full-scale apartment or guest house is the most expensive garage retrofit, costing on average between $15,000 to $30,000. You'll need to make all the upgrades mentioned for a family room, along with adding a separate bath and kitchen. This can entail jackhammering concrete to run plumbing and sewer lines, adding a gas line or a 220 outlet for the stove, installing a water heater and addressing ventilation over the stove and in the bathroom.

Don't forget to add the cost of an exterior door to your budget, which can provide an attractive private enterance to your new space.

garage converted into a bedroom

Bedroom or Master Suite

The cost of a bedroom or master suite depends on your choices. At a minimum, you need at least one window, insulation, drywall, trim, flooring, heat and air, lighting and a closet. If you're adding the master bath, factor in plumbing, a second window, insulation, drywall, flooring, lighting, plumbing, shower, tub, toilet, sink, faucets, cabinetry, tile and finishes. Dreaming of a steam shower or a garden tub? You’ll pay an additional $10,000 to $15,000 in costs for a steam shower.


The cost to convert an existing space into a bathroom begins at $3,000. High-end renovations could cost as much as $25,000. Your contractor needs to review the space to determine how to cost-effectively add sewer and plumbing lines. Factor in the costs of insulation, drywall, flooring, lighting, plumbing, shower, tub, toilet, sink, faucets, cabinetry, tile and finishes to get a realistic estimate.


Adding a kitchen costs at least $6,000 but can go well over $50,000 depending on the design, finishes and appliances you select. Factor in the basics, such as electrical wiring, plumbing, lighting, insulation, drywall, trim and flooring. This job could require rerouting gas and water lines, providing drain lines for the sink and dishwasher, relocating the washer and dryer and adding outlets powerful enough to run large appliances. Your contractor must address ventilation requirements for the stove, which can add cost. Functional items such as cabinets, a pantry, countertops and other work or storage spaces need to be budgeted as well.

Check out our guide on the cost of new appliances.

Office or Work Space

The home office will cost at least $5,000, making it one of the more affordable options when it comes to converting your garage into living space. Like a bedroom, a home office needs all the basic amenities, such as finished walls and ceiling, flooring and lights. It also needs HVAC and a window.

This room may also require additional outlets that let you connect computers, printers and charging stations. You'll need internet access and a high-speed connection, as well as lots of storage and organization options. Map out where the furniture and electronics will be placed in this room to make sure your electrical plan addresses how you will use the space.

Granny Flat

Adding a granny flat will cost you nearly the same as adding a guest house, at a range between $3,000 and $30,000. You'll need at least a full bath and kitchenette on top of living and sleeping spaces. You'll need heat and air, windows and a private entrance.

Utility Room

garage remodelers charge 10% to 20% of total project costs

For a garage-to-utility-room conversion, budget at least $6,000 for appliances, a utility sink, and space for sorting, folding and hanging laundry. A new utility room in place of an old garage brings convenience into your life, especially if you've spent years dragging loads of laundry up and down the stairs. This conversion will cost a bit more due to the addition of plumbing, but it'll be worth it.

Single vs. Two-Car Garage Conversion Cost

The cost to convert a two-car garage to an equipped living space averages $21,000 to $30,000 but can get much higher, depending on the features included. Custom structures, like adding a loft, can raise the price to as high as $50,000. A double garage runs about 22-feet wide by 20-feet deep.

The average size of a single garage is roughly 12-feet wide by 20-feet deep and will generally cost less to renovate, depending on the space and finished state of the garage.

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Renovation Cost Factors to Consider

garage in construction to convert into a living space
by Lux Renovations, LLC., Canton, MA. Garage conversion costs in Boston average $11,200.

As you move from the planning stage of your conversion toward execution, remember that doing the job well will add value to your home, while cutting corners may subtract value. Keep these considerations in mind and ask your contractor about each one that's relevant to your renovation goals:

Conversion Permit Cost

You may be required to purchase a permit from your state, county or municipal government. The average cost of obtaining a building permit falls in a range between $500 and $1,500. Your contractor should be knowledgeable regarding the permit process.


Adding insulation to the garage costs about $1 per square foot and is beneficial, especially if the space is attached to your home or if you're planning to convert the space into a living area. Your contractor should offer advice on what type of insulation is best for your needs, where it should go, and how much you'll need.

Interior Walls

Since the space is already framed and has walls, you'll only need to budget for drywall hanging costs at $1,800 to $3,000, on average. This will keep your remodeled room as comfortable as the rest of your home.


The cost of installing five windows falls somewhere around $5,000, or about $1,000 per window. If your garage doesn't have any windows, plan to add at least one. This is especially important if you want to list it as a bedroom when selling or rending your house. You'll need an egress window big enough for a person to escape through in case of a fire. Egress windows average about $3,800.

Heating & Cooling

Adding HVAC is another consideration for your garage renovation costs should you decide to make it into a usable space. Your garage may already house some of your HVAC equipment, such as your furnace, but that doesn't mean the garage itself is heated or cooled. The price to install ducts and vents averages between $500 and $2,000.


Add between $75 and $500 to your budget for the cost of outlet installation. Most garages have electricity of some sort, even if it's just a bare bulb in the ceiling and a few outlets spaced around the walls. If you're converting your garage into living space, you'll need a nearby licensed electrician to add more wiring and outlets for additional electrical devices.


Expect to spend anywhere from about $300 to $500 to install a wireless network. If you want your garage remodel to focus on office, studio, lounge, or living space, you may want Wi-Fi and other conveniences such as satellite or cable TV. It might be necessary to have your telecom provider come out to install the proper outlets.


If you want to turn your garage into a living space with a bathroom or kitchen, budget the cost to install plumbing, or between $300 and $1,800. If you plan to add a sink, shower or toilet to your garage remodel, it's wise to enlist the services of a licensed plumber near you to complete this portion of the work.

Interior Design

Hiring an interior decorator or designer costs between $500 and $11,000. Once you get past the basic construction materials, total cost will vary based on what types of materials you choose to finish the room. For example, your flooring costs will run $1,500 to $4,500, depending on whether you select carpet or laminate (on the low end) or hardwood or polished concrete (on the high end). For each category of products and finishes, your designer can help you pick low- and high-end choices. This way, if you run over budget you can quickly see where to cut or change selections to save money.

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Cost to Finish a Garage

The cost to finish a garage is often less than the cost of a remodel, coming in at an average of about $5,000. Finishes should factor high on your list of materials before you begin your garage conversion. The answers to the following questions will go far in determining your budget. Low-end finishes will save you big bucks at the time of renovation, but high-end finishes will help recoup your ROI when it comes time to sell.

  • Will you use tile or vinyl flooring?
  • Will countertops be composite or granite?
  • Drywall or paneling?
  • Wood cabinetry, veneer or aluminum?

"Not every idea works well in every home. Work with your remodeler to make great decisions for you and your specific space. You'll be looking at options that are actually available to you along with combining their expertise and experience to determine what best fits your budget, lifestyle and is feasible in your home." Jenna Porter, Senior Project Designer. Red House Remodeling, Des Moines, IA

Expanding a Garage

If you decide to expand your garage to make more room for tools or storage, this is considered adding on to your home, and costs will typically go up. Home addition costs fall between $20,000 and $70,000 for most homeowners, depending on the size and type of space built. Your contractor will frame out new walls and expand the room's foundation. If you intend to keep the space the same only reorganizing it, you may have only the costs associated with purchasing and installing shelving and cabinetry.

Effect on House Resale Value

If you're planning to maximize the space, make changes and add useful features that are likely to appeal to a majority of homeowners. Done right, your renovation can be a worthwhile investment when it comes to resale value. Remember: The quality of the work matters, especially if you’re planning a major change such as converting the garage into a bedroom. Trading your garage space for a poorly insulated “bedroom” with no windows and the garage door intact won’t do much to boost resale value.

The work you have done must be permitted, it must be professional and it must increase your home’s functionality and appeal. Weigh what you’re planning to spend against the expected increase in resale value to get your return-on-investment (ROI) figure. A well-done garage conversion to living space can give you up to an 80% ROI.

Planning Your Garage Conversion

The first step in planning a garage conversion is deciding on the room's intended purpose. Do you need a place for teens to hang out at home with friends? Are you dreaming of a large, luxury man cave? Would you enjoy an upgraded space to park your cars in winter - one that's fully insulated and climate controlled? Before you decide, keep a few factors in mind:

  • You and your contractor must have good communication. Choose a partner with whom you have a good rapport. Once your vision is cemented in your own mind, make sure you’re able to communicate it fully so both you and your contractor are on the same page.
  • Your budget is important. Set one and stick to it as closely as possible. If you overspend on a renovation, you can lose you money on resale, especially if your upgrades aren't comparable to nearby homes.
  • This is your remodel. Don't be afraid to add the features you've always wanted, such as a spacious laundry room, an off-the-charts game room or even an affordable home office that lets you spend more time with your family and less time commuting.

Take time planning your garage conversion to living space. Interview contractors and get multiple estimates. It may be worth your time and money to consult with a local interior designer as well, to help you choose finishes, colors and furniture placement.

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