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How Much Does It Cost To Install An Attic Fan?

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There aren't a whole lot of downsides to installing an attic fan. They reduce heat build-up in your attic, which can get up to 150 degrees in the summer. That kind of heat can ruin what you have stored in your attic, not to mention the hit your energy bills will take. This also reduces the life of your roofing materials. Controlling the heat at the top of your home and allowing for proper ventilation will be a great asset to your home.
The cost to install an attic fan isn't too high, with the average cost running $545 including the fan and labor. Depending on the quality of the fan you choose, location, and add-ons, it can cost as little as $200, or as much as $1,200.

Location of the Fan

You can either install your attic fan on the roof or on a galley wall. The cost to install an attic fan on the roof might be slightly higher since it means cutting a hole in the roof, and then installing shingle above and around the plastic or sheet metal bases that serve as the flashing. The cost to install an attic fan into a wall depends on if you're choosing to install it in place of an existing vent. This might be a cost-effective option since you'll probably only need to widen that opening to fit the fan. If you need to cut a hole into the wall, then it might be slightly more expensive.

Materials for Installation

The fan you choose will also impact the cost to install an attic fan. There is a range of models for both roof and wall installation. You'll also need caulk, plywood for where the fan will be installed and a few electrical items. None of this should break the bank, but it's something to consider as part of the cost to install an attic fan.

Humidistat for Attic

Some models come with a humidistat, which will help to control excess attic humidity. This can be a problem in colder months, and can cause mold, mildew, peeling paint, decaying shingles, and warped beams and floorboards. Most fans are equipped with a thermostat, which controls when the fan turns itself on.

Attic Conditions

The condition of your attic will also contribute to the cost to install an attic fan. If it's difficult to get to an area for installation, then it might increase the price. It's smart to clear some space if you have things stored up there. If moisture has wreaked havoc on the floorboards, then it might be dangerous to walk around in your attic. This would mean your professional will have to be careful, which could potentially make the project take longer and be more expensive.
Overall, installing an attic fan is beneficial for ventilation and will lower your energy bills. The cost to install an attic fan will be mostly determined by the current state of your attic and where you decide to install the fan. Make sure to talk to at least three professionals to find someone you trust and who understands the needs of your space. They'll be able to help you decide the best route for installation.


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