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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Shed, Barn, Or Playhouse?

Typical Range: $432 - $1,194

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A shed or barn provides storage for lawn care and gardening items, farm equipment, and more. Barns may also be used to house animals, while sheds may be used for building and other handy projects. Outdoor playhouses are a favorite play area for many youngsters. Over time, exposure to the elements and overuse may require the structures to be repaired. The final cost to a homeowner will depend on the type and extent of repairs that the structure requires.

Common Repairs to a Shed, Barn or Playhouse

There is a wide range of problems that can occur with a shed, barn, or playhouse. The structure may start leaning or sagging due to worn out nails, rotted wood, or storm damage. Over the years, the foundation may become loose. This can occur as a result of improper grading around the structure, wearing down of the mortar, water leaks or the presence of vermin, or wood-destroying insects such as termites. A leaky roof may cause rot and holes as well as damaged doors and walls. Broken or loose windows can also result in water infiltration and pest infestation of the structure.

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$432 - $1,194
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Factors that Affect the Cost of Repairs

Before initiating any repairs, homeowners should consider the many factors that affect cost of the project. If walls need to be straightened with extensive jacking and bracing, the repair cost will begin at $2,000 for materials and labor and run as much as $10,000 or more. A small amount of roof or wall damage may run $300 or more in materials and $50 per hour in labor costs, while a large amount of roof or wall damage may cost double or triple that amount. Bulging sheathing may require full replacement, which can run $1,000 or more in materials and labor costs. The higher the grade of sheathing or siding the homeowner desires, the greater the cost of the project. If weatherproofing and interior finishes are required, this will also add to the cost of the repairs. Rebuilding the foundation of a shed, barn, or playhouse could cost $10,000 or more, depending on the thickness of the concrete and the depth of the foundation. Municipalities may charge homeowners a fee for permits as well as inspections for repairs.

Reasons Not to DIY

Repairing a shed, barn, or playhouse is not an ideal DIY project for everyone. Along with the many safety issues around roof replacement or structural fixes such as falls and nearby electrical lines, it involves handling power and pneumatic tools that homeowners may not have or know how to use properly. If the foundation is concrete, a professional is needed to break apart the chunks and prepare the soil to pour a new foundation while maintaining the integrity of the structure. A professional can tell homeowners if the repair job is small or replacement is necessary.

Repair vs. Removal of a Shed, Barn or Playhouse

If repair is more than the cost to build a barn or other structure, homeowners may be better off removing and rebuilding. Homeowners who don't really need the storage may opt to tear down the structure. When the building is not adding significant value to the home, homeowners should consider removal by hiring a junk removal company who will haul away the debris and reuse, recycle or redistribute it to others.

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